Setting up faxing (AudioCodes MP1XX series)

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This article lists the parameters needed to set up fax support on an AudioCodes MP1XX series ATA (for example, MP124 and MP112).

Note: As an alternative fax solution for Zoom Phone, see FaxSIPit.

Prerequisites for setting up fax support for an AudioCodes MP1XX series gateway

Note: This article does not cover setup and provisioning of the MP1XX series ATA. This article assumes analog ports are configured and calls to and from the ports are working. Fax parameters can be assigned to an analog port that is currently configured. See the AudioCodes website for more information on the MP1XX series gateways.

How to set up faxing on an AudioCodes MP1XX series gateway

  1. Sign in to MP1XX ATA web interface.
  2. Navigate to Configuration > VoIP > Media > Fax/Modem/CID Settings.
  3. Change the following fields to Events Only:
    • Fax Transport Mode
    • V.21 Modem Transport Type
    • V.22 Modem Transport Type
    • V.23 Modem Transport Type
    • V.32 Modem Transport Type
    • V.34 Modem Transport Type
  4. Confirm that Fax/Modem Bypass Coder Type is set to G711Ulaw or G711Alaw, depending on region.
  5. Click Submit for the parameters to take effect to the device.
  6. Click Burn to make settings persistent.

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