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Using dual screen views for SIP/H.323 devices Follow


SIP/H.323 devices connected via the Cloud Room Connector can now view the Active Speaker layout on one screen while viewing the Gallery view layout on a second screen. If there are only two other participants in the meeting, both participants will be displayed separately on each screen. 

Note: This feature utilizes the dual-streams, by using the content stream for the second video feed when screen sharing is not being utilized. Due to this, if your dialing string utilizes "505" to force single-stream video connections, this feature will not work correctly. 


  • SIP/H.323 device connected to two monitors
  • H.239 or BFCP enabled at the device level
  • H.264 is supported for screen share content channel
  • Call speed of 4 Mbps or higher

Joining with dual-screen video enabled

To join a meeting with dual video-enabled, you will need to add "308" to your dial string, when dialing into the meeting.