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With heightened avoidance of shared touch surfaces as people return to offices, as well as Zoom Room controllers not always being in the most convenient location, the Zoom mobile app can pair with your Zoom Room to provide some Zoom Room controls on your mobile device. This allows you to pair with the Zoom Room you are in, start or join a meeting, and control the Zoom Room all on your personal mobile device without having to interact with the local Zoom Room controller tablet beyond perhaps a tap to wake the Zoom Room. 

You can also pair the Zoom desktop client with a nearby Zoom Room, to start or join meetings on the Zoom Room. 


This article covers:

Prerequisites for Pairing and controlling a Zoom Room from the Zoom mobile app

  • Zoom mobile app
    • Android version 5.5.0 (1282) or higher
    • iOS version 5.5.0 (12452.0131) or higher
  • Zoom Rooms Controller app installed on your mobile device
    • Android version 5.5.0 (388) or higher
    • iOS version 5.5.0 (234.0128) or higher
  • Zoom Rooms 
    • Windows version 5.5.0 (2400.0131) or higher
    • macOS version 5.5.0 (3353.0130) or higher
    • Appliances version 5.5.0 (926) or higher
  • Both devices must be signed-in as members of the same account. 

Pairing with the Zoom Room 

  1. Open the Zoom mobile app and sign in to your account. 
  2. On the Meeting  tab, locate and tap the Zoom Room pairing icon , found in the top-left corner of the screen. 
  3. Enter the Sharing Key, displayed on the Zoom Room display, and tap Pair
    When successful, the name of the Zoom Room you are paired with will appear above the search bar on the mobile app. 
  4. When you start or join a scheduled meeting, you will be prompted to choose to Join from Room or Join from My Phone. 
  5. Select Join from Room to have the paired Zoom Room join the meeting.
    Your mobile device will also remain connected to the meeting, but will have video and audio off. 
  6. From the mobile app you will have the following controls:
    • Leave: Tap the Leave option to leave the meeting either: 
      • Leave from Room: Disconnect the Zoom Room and your paired mobile device from the meeting. The mobile app will also unpair from the Zoom Room. 
      • Leave from My Phone: Disconnect and unpair your mobile device from the meeting and Zoom Room. The Zoom Room will remain connected to the meeting. 
    • Room Controller: Selecting this option will open the Zoom Rooms controller app, or direct you to download from the relevant app store if not already installed. Available controls are detailed in the section below
    • Share: Share content from your mobile app. 
    • Participants: View the participants list and manage participants.
    • More: There are additional settings available under More.
      • Record: Start a cloud recording.
      • Disconnect Audio: Disconnects you from the meeting audio.
      • Security: Access in-meeting security options.
      • Chat: Access the chat window to chat with the participants.
      • Enable Live Transcript: If enabled in web settings, the host can enable live transcription. 
      • View Full Transcript: If Live Transcription has been enabled by the host, you can view the full transcript here. 
      • Raise Hand
      • Meeting Settings: Access to some personal settings related to the meeting you are currently participating in. 
      • Virtual Background: Configure and enable the virtual background feature
      • Live stream to YouTube: Broadcast your meeting live on Youtube.

Controlling the Zoom Room on your mobile device

When controlling the Zoom Room from your paired mobile device, you will have condensed controls that mirror the main Zoom Room controller. The following controls will be available to you: 

  • Mute  / Unmute : Mute or unmute the room's microphone.
  • Start Video / Stop Video : Start or stop the room's video camera.
  • Share Content or Camera: Display instructions to share content from your laptop, mobile device, or secondary camera.
    • Multiple Participants Can Share Simultaneously: Tap to allow multiple participants to share their screen or content during the meeting. 
    • Advanced Sharing Options: Select who can share in your meeting and if you want only the host or any participant to be able to start a new share when someone is sharing.
      • Who Can Share?: Choose if you would like be able to share; Only Host or All Participants
      • Who can start sharing when someone else is sharing: Choose who can interrupt someone sharing content; Only Host or All participants
      • Optimize Full-screen Video Sharing: Check this if you will be sharing a video clip in full screen mode. Do not check this otherwise, as it may cause the shared screen to be blurry.
  • Camera Control: Change PTZ camera settings, presets, or switch to different camera from a list.
  • Leave / End: Leave the meeting or End Meeting for All (if the Zoom Room is the host of the meeting)
  • More : Tap this option to access additional Zoom Room controls. 
    • Security (only available if the room is the host or co-host): Enable or disable certain in-meeting features. Some of these settings can also be found in the participants list.
      • Lock Meeting: Don't allow other participants to join the meeting in progress.
      • Enable Waiting Room: Enable or disable Waiting Room for the current meeting.
      • Allow Participants to: Enable or disable the following features for all participants.
        • Share Screen
        • Chat
        • Rename Themselves: Allow participants to change their name displayed to other participants in the current meeting.
        • Unmute Themselves
        • Annotate on Shared Content: Allow other participants to annotate on the shared screen initiated from the Zoom Room.
          Note: This option is only available when a participant shares their screen using direct sharing,, or Apple screen mirroring. Make sure the admin has enabled annotation in the room's web portal settings.
      • Remove Participant: Dismiss a participant from the meeting. They won't be able to rejoin unless you allow participants to rejoin.
      • Report: If you need to report an incident that you believe violates our Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Guidelines, you can do so here. 
    • Manage Participants / Participants : View the meeting participants. If you're the host, you will see controls to manage participants.
    • Change View: Change your video layout shown in the room display.
      • Options: Tap this option below Change View to adjust other layout options. 
    • Start Recording : Start recording to the cloud.
    • Chat : Access in-meeting chat. You will not be able to respond via the controller or paired mobile controller, only view the chat messages. 
      • Tap the Settings gear icon to access chat settings: 
        • Show notification on TV: Show chat messages as notifications on the Zoom Room display. 
        • Show full chat panel on TV: Show the full chat transcript on the Zoom Room display. 
  • Settings : Access room settings (requires room passcode), such as microphone, speaker, camera, and other advanced settings. 
  • Volume slider: Adjust the volume of the room's speaker (this will revert back to the room default after the meeting has ended).

Tap Unpair at any point to disconnect your mobile device from the Zoom Room. The Zoom Room will remain connected to the meeting until the meeting ends or someone taps Leave on the Zoom Room controller tablet. 

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