Configuring Alexa for Zoom Room Appliances

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You can use Alexa for Business for a hands-free and consistent way to control your Zoom Room Appliances. The built-in solution makes it easy to deploy, with no additional hardware needed. With just a few quick setup steps, users can ask Alexa to do things like join a meeting, turn the volume up, find an available room, or provide the guest Wi-Fi password.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for configuring Alexa for Zoom Room Appliances

  • Zoom Rooms Appliance version 5.5.0 (926) or higher.
  • An AWS account with access to Alexa for Business

How to setup an IAM user account

If you are using a pre-existing Amazon Web Services (AWS) Identity and Access Management (IAM) user account for integration between Zoom admin portal and AWS, ask your AWS admin to add the AlexaforBusinessFullAccess AWS Managed Policy to the pre-existing AWS IAM user account.

  1. Open the IAM console at
  2. Choose Users, enter your user name in the search box, and
    then select it from the list.
  3. Choose Add permissions, then Attach existing policies directly.
  4. In the search box, enter AlexaforBusinessFullAccess and
    select it from the list.
  5. Choose Next, then Review, then Add permissions.

How to setup a new "least-privilege" AWS IAM account

If you wish to use a new, dedicated AWS IAM user with "least privilege" permissions for integration between the Zoom admin portal and AWS, ask your AWS admin to follow these steps (your AWS admin may perform additional configurations suitable to your environment, but these are the minimal required steps):

  1. Open the IAM console at
  2. Choose Policies and click Create Policy to open the Create Policy Visual Editor.
  3. In the Service section, select the IAM service.
  4. In the Actions section, under Access level, expand Read and choose GetRole. Then expand Permissions management and choose AttachRolePolicy.
  5. In the Resources section, click Add ARN to restrict access.
  6. In the Add ARN(s) window, in the Role name with path text field, enter the text AlexaForBusiness-ExternalProviderZoomRole and click "Add.
  7. Click Next: Tags
  8. (Optional): add tags according to your organization's standards.
  9. Click Next: Review. In the Name text field, enter a name for your policy according to your organization's standards, e.g. ZoomRoomsIntegrationIAMPermissionsForAlexaForBusiness, and optionally enter a description.
  10. Click Create policy.
  11. Choose Users, then click Add users.
  12. Enter a descriptive username, select AWS credential type Password - AWS Management Console access and set a password.
  13. Click to Attach existing policies directly then search for and add the following two policies:
    • First, the policy you just created.
    • Second, the AWS Managed Policy AlexaForBusinessFullAccess.
  14. Click Next: Tags.
  15. (Optional): add tags according to your organization's standards.
  16. Click Next: Review.
  17. Click Create User.
  18. Sign out of AWS console.

How to enable Alexa for Appliances

Note: Use caution when enabling this feature. If Voice Commands are already enabled, the action Link Amazon Web Services (AWS) account will immediately change the type of Voice Commands to Alexa for all Zoom Room Appliances. You may wish to temporarily disable Voice Commands before linking to AWS.

Ensure you are logged out of AWS Console before proceeding to avoid using the wrong AWS account to integrate the Zoom admin portal to Alexa for Business. Use of a private/incognito browser session is recommended.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal and click Room Management, then click Zoom Rooms. Next,
    click Account Settings.
  2. Click the Meeting tab and scroll down to Alexa for Business. Click Link
    Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.
  3. You will be prompted for your AWS login credentials. Ensure you sign-in as the appropriate AWS IAM user, then click Enable.
  4. On the Zoom web portal, click Room Management, then click Zoom Rooms. From here you can enable Alexa for Business using Account Settings, your Zoom Rooms hierarchy, or you can find the specific room(s) you want and click Edit
  5. After choosing one of the options above, click the Meeting tab and toggle Voice Commands to enable them. Next, select Alexa for Business. If you are interested in getting local information like weather and traffic, set the city in which the room is located. Click Save.
  6. Tap the Alexa Enable/Disable button on you touch screen or Zoom Rooms controller to start using the feature. 

How to use Alexa for Business

Basic commands

You can say... Zoom Rooms will...
“Alexa, join my meeting”
“Alexa, start my meeting”
Join a scheduled meeting or join by meeting ID.
“Alexa, end the meeting”
“Alexa, hang up”
Leave a meeting
“Alexa, end the call” End a call for all participants (if user is the host)
“Alexa, turn the volume
Adjust the Zoom Room volume level
“Alexa, how is the Dow Jones
Find information and general Q&A


Advanced commands

  1. To enable advanced commands on the Zoom web portal, click Room Management, then click Zoom Rooms. Click Account Settings, use your Zoom Rooms hierarchy, or find specific room(s) and click Edit.
  2. Click on the Meeting tab and find Voice Commands. Click Open AWS console for advanced features. Follow this guide to set up advanced features like room bookings and private skills.
You can say... Zoom Rooms will...

“Alexa, is this room available?”
“Alexa, is this room free?”

Check general room availability and respond
“Alexa, is this room free for 30 minutes?” Check room availability for a specific
“Alexa, is this room free at 10 AM?” Check room availability for a specific time
“Alexa, who booked this room?”
“Alexa, who booked this room at 2 PM?”
Find out who reserved room
“Alexa, book this room for 30 minutes”
“Alexa, book this room at 2 PM for 60 minutes”
“Alexa, reserve this room until 1 PM”
Make an instant booking
“Alexa, extend the meeting”
“Alexa, extend the meeting by half an hour”
“Alexa, extend the meeting for 15 minutes”
Extend a room reservation
“Alexa, when is the next meeting?” Find the next reservation
“Alexa, find me a room”
“Alexa, find a room for an hour”
“Alexa, find a room at noon”
Find an available room
“Alexa, turn on lights”
“Alexa, turn off lights”
“Alexa, dim the lights”
Control smart devices (requires a third-party Smart Home skill)
“Alexa, what's the Wi-Fi password?” Access company FAQs using Knowledge Skills (requires a Knowledge skill)


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