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Cloud recording settings Follow

After enabling cloud recording, you can record and save your meeting/webinar in the cloud. The recorded content is determined by which cloud recording settings are selected. These settings can be applied at an account, group, or user level.


  • If a setting is not locked, paid members can enable or disable those settings as desired in their own account.
  • If a setting is locked, the paid member cannot enable or disable those settings and will need to contact their account admins for any changes.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for cloud recording settings

  • Pro, Business, or Enterprise account
  • Owner or admin privilege too edit account/group settings
  • Licensed user

How to change cloud recording settings

Settings that had been previously changed for groups or users will be kept as is. An owner or admin can enable, disable and lock those settings. 

Owners and admins can follow these instructions on how to further manage the host cloud recordings.

Cloud recording settings

You can select or unselect the following cloud recording settings according to what you would like to record in your video. Each selection will be what is recorded.

  • Record active speaker with shared screen: Record both the active speaker view and shared content on the same video.
  • Record gallery view with shared screen: Record both gallery view and shared content on the same video.
  • Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately: Record the active speaker, gallery view and shared screen as separate videos.
    • Select Active speaker to record the active speaker only.
    • Select Gallery view to record the gallery view only.
    • Select Shared screen to record the shared screen only.
  • Record an audio only file: Record the audio of the video only. You will receive an M4A file with a recording of the audio.
  • Save chat messages from the meeting / webinar: Check this setting to save chat messages from the meeting/webinar. You will receive a TXT file with the transcript of the meeting/webinar chat messages.
    Note: For meetings, the chat transcript saved on the cloud will only include chat messages sent to everyone. For webinars, the saved chat will only include messages from the host and panelists to all participants. Messages sent between individuals are not saved on the cloud. 

Advanced cloud recording settings

To fine tune and add specifics to your cloud recordings, you can select or unselect the following settings:

  • Add a timestamp to the recording: Add a timestamp of the meeting to your cloud recordings. The time will display in the host's timezone, set on their Zoom profile.
  • Display participants' names in the recording: Add participants' name to the bottom-right corner of their video.
  • Record thumbnails when sharing: Include a thumbnail of the presenter when screen sharing.
  • Optimize the recording for 3rd party video editor: Generate your cloud recording video files with a standard format that is compatible with 3rd party video editors. This may increase file size.
  • Audio transcript: Check this setting to automatically transcribe your cloud recordings.
  • Save panelist chat to the recording: Check this setting to save the messages sent by panelists during a webinar to either all panelists or all panelists and attendees.