July 2021: IM Dashboard enhancements

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On July 1st, Zoom will be introducing a newly re-designed IM Dashboard, our reporting tool that allows account administrators and owners to view account-usage metrics for Zoom Chat, our group messaging product. As our product and user base continues to grow and evolve, we are changing the way we measure and display data about Zoom Chat usage in the Dashboard. This means that the new Dashboard results will be based on more complete usage metrics for increased accuracy and granularity, along with an updated Dashboard interface.

This article provides a summary of the enhancements.

This article covers:

Dashboard UI enhancements

  • Renaming the IM tab to Zoom Chat in the Zoom Dashboard
  • Renaming the Group column to Channels & Group Chats
  • Renaming the Voice column to Audio

New metrics

Metric enhancements

  • Expanding the definition of files sent to include files sent locally and sent using file sharing integrations (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Microsoft SharePoint)
  • Expanding the definition of images sent to include these image formats: PNG, JPG, and screen capture
  • Removing Received Messages metrics
  • Removing Emoji usage metrics
  • Moving metrics for Calls to usage reports
  • Updating how Zoom measures chat-usage metrics

Other UI enhancements

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