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Release notes for May 2, 2021 Follow

Release notes for the Cloud Room Connector (CRC)

Version: 4.4.6819.20210427
Location: All non-US data centers

Changes to existing features

  • Waiting Room participants viewable in Participants List
    If a SIP/H.323 device joins the meeting using the Host Key, the Participants List will also include participants who are still in the Waiting Room. Participants in the waiting room will be denoted with stars next to the name.
  • Received reactions viewable on main meeting screen
    Reactions sent by participants will now be displayed in the top corner of the sending participant’s video tile, when viewed from a SIP/H.323 device. Currently only Clapping Hands, Thumbs Up, Heart, Tears of Joy, Open Mouth, and Party Popper (Tada, Celebration) will be displayed.
  • Enhanced data privacy notices
    In-context user education for various features, such as Live Transcription, Recording, and Webinar attendee status.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where latency was displayed as 0 for devices connecting via the Cloud Room Connector.
  • Minor bug fixes

Release notes for Web

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes