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Smart Recording brings the power of Zoom AI Companion to cloud recordings, allowing you to organize your cloud recording into sections called smart chapters, get the key takeaways in a quick and digestible format through recording highlights, and identify action items to take after the meeting or webinar with next steps. This feature is especially useful for long meetings and webinars – such as a lecture, brainstorming session, or company all-hands – where you may want to divvy up the recording for easier viewing.

To generate recording highlights, smart chapters, and next steps, you must have a cloud recording and audio transcript processed and available to view. You will receive email notifications when the recording and transcript are finished processing. These emails include links to view your recordings and transcript. Recording highlights, smart chapters, and next steps can be edited by the owner of the cloud recording (the host) or a user with permission to manage cloud recordings.

Zoom does not use any customer audio, video, chat, screen sharing, attachments, or other communications-like content (such as poll results, whiteboard and reactions) to train Zoom’s or third-party AI models.

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This article covers: 

Prerequisites for using Smart Recording

Note: Editing or adjusting the transcript, smart chapters, highlights, and next steps requires the owner of the recording (host of the meeting), or a user with permissions to manage cloud recordings

Limitations of Smart Recording

How to manage your cloud recordings with Smart Recording

Once the cloud recording and audio transcript have finished processing, you can go to the Zoom web portal to manage and edit the recording highlights, smart chapters, and next steps. In addition to managing your recording with Smart Recording, you can trim the recording, download the files, and more.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Recordings.
  3. On the Cloud Recordings tab, click the name of the recorded meeting or webinar.
    You will see a list of recording files.
  4. Click the video thumbnail with the play icon  .
    The recording will open and the transcript text appears to the right of the video.

How to use recording highlights

If enabled, Zoom AI Companion will highlight the most important parts of the session. You can manually adjust highlights as needed and can save highlights as separate files to cut unnecessary parts of the recording.

Edit the audio transcript and recording highlights

To the right of the cloud recording video, in the Audio Transcript panel, you can do the following:

  • To rename a speaker, hover over their name, and click the pencil icon .
  • To edit text in the transcript, hover over it, and click the pencil icon .
  • To highlight a specific paragraph, hover over the paragraph text and click the highlight icon .
  • To remove a highlight from text, click the highlight icon  again.

Adjust highlights using the playback bar

You can also adjust highlights using the playback bar.

  1. Locate the recording.
  2. Click Edit Highlights below the playback bar, then use these options:
    • To add a new highlight, click a portion of the playback bar that doesn't contain an existing highlight.
      Note: If the recording doesn't contain any highlights, click Add Highlights below the player to get started.
    • To edit an existing highlight, hover over an existing highlight (yellow portions of the playback bar), then click and drag the small circle at the beginning or end of the highlight.
    • To remove an existing highlight, hover over an existing highlight (yellow portions of the playback bar), then click Remove.
  3. When finished, click Done.

Save highlights to a new video clip

Cut unnecessary parts of the recording by exporting highlights and saving them to a new clip that you can view, edit, and share. If you share this video clip, viewers can only watch the recording highlights. This will also cut the associated files (audio and transcripts).

Note: The new video clip uses your account’s recording storage capacity.

  1. Below the playback bar, click Save as New Clip.
    A dialog will open to confirm the export.
  2. Enter a name for the clip, then click Save Now.
    A confirmation dialog about the new clip will appear with information about where to locate the new clip.
  3. Click OK to confirm.
    The new video clip will process and be available as a separate recording file under the original recording. It will be indicated with Highlights in the top-right corner of the video thumbnail.

Share recording highlights

When you’re ready to share the recording with viewers, you can either save the highlights to a new video clip so viewers can only view the recording highlights, or you can share the original recording with highlights. If you share the original recording, viewers can choose to watch either the highlights only or the full video.

  1. Locate the recording.
  2. To the right of the video you want to share, click Copy shareable link.
    The recording link is copied to your clipboard.
  3. Share the link as necessary by pasting it anywhere for others to view, such as in an email, chat message in Team Chat, or text message.

Learn more about sharing cloud recordings and adjusting sharing settings.

How to use smart chapters

If enabled, Zoom AI Companion will automatically group the recording into different sections with timestamps. You can click on a chapter to watch the part of the recording starting at that timestamp. Viewers who watch the cloud recording can see the smart chapters and next steps.

Edit smart chapters

  1. On the recording, click Edit Smart Chapters.
  2. On the playback bar, you can do the following:
    • Adjust the start and end times for that chapter.
    • Click the split icon to split the chapter into two separate sections. If you split the chapter, you must enter chapter text manually.
    • Click the trash icon to delete the chapter.
      Note: Adjusting the start or end times, or deleting a chapter, will automatically adjust the chapters before and after the chapter you’re currently editing.
  3. (Optional) Update the Chapter Title.
  4. (Optional) Update the Chapter Text by entering an overview of what that section of the recording is about.
  5. Click Save.

Copy the smart chapter overview to share with others

  1. On the recording, click Chapters Overview.
  2. At the top of the dialog, click the copy icon to copy the text to your clipboard.
  3. Click Close.
  4. Share the text as necessary by pasting it, such as in an email.

How to use next steps

If enabled, Zoom AI Companion will automatically examine the end of the recording and look for cues to identify any next steps for you. You can keep the next steps as part of the recording, as well as the text out to others.

Next Steps are located below the Audio Transcript panel of the cloud recording view. You can do either of the following as needed:

  • Click the pencil icon to edit next steps, then click Save.
  • Click the copy icon to copy the text to your clipboard, then paste it anywhere you want to share it with others, such as an email or chat message.

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