Changing email notification settings

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You can choose to receive email notifications so you are notified whenever certain activities or changes are made to one of your meetings.


  • This article is about email notification settings at the user level. If you have account owner or admin privileges, these email notification settings are also available at the group and account level.
  • There are additional email notification settings that are only available at the account level.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for enabling and disabling email notifications

  • Basic, Pro, Business, Enterprise, or Education account

How to enable and disable email notifications

To enable or disable meeting-related email notifications:

  1. Sign in to Zoom.
  2. On the left side of the page, click Settings.
  3. Click Email Notification.
  4. (Optional) Use the toggle to enable or disable the following meeting-related notifications:
    • When a cloud recording is available: Send an email notification when a cloud recording has finished processing and is available to manage in the Zoom web portal. (Optional) Select the following check boxes to enable these email notifications:
      • Send a copy to the person who scheduled the meeting/webinar for the host: Send cloud recording email notifications to users that have scheduling privileges for the meeting/webinar host.
      • Send a copy to the Alternative Hosts: Send cloud recording email notifications to alternative hosts added by the host.
      • Notify when audio transcription is available: Send an cloud recording email notification when the cloud recording audio transcription is finished processing and available to manage in the Zoom web portal.
    • When attendees join meeting before host
    • When a meeting is cancelled
    • When an alternative host is set or removed from a meeting
    • When someone scheduled a meeting for a host
    • When the cloud recording is going to be permanently deleted from trash

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