Changing voicemail PIN code requirements

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Admins can change the length and complexity requirements for voicemail PINs. Phone users need the PIN to check voicemail on their desk phone.

Note: If you have multiple sites enabled, you can only change these settings at the site level. If you have multiple sites disabled, you can only change these settings at the account level.

Prerequisites for changing voicemail PIN code requirements

  • Pro, Business, or Education account
  • Account owner or admin privileges
  • Zoom Phone license

How to change voicemail PIN code requirements

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Phone System Management then Company Info.
  3. Follow one of these options depending on if you have multiple sites:
    • If you enabled multiple sites: Click the name of the site you want to edit, then click the Settings tab.
    • If you disabled multiple sites: Click Account Settings.
  4. In the Security section, change these settings:
    Note: These settings are only enforced from the time you change the setting. Any phone users with previously-created PINs will not be required to change their PIN if it doesn't meet the requirements.
    • PIN length: Specify the required minimum length for voicemail PINs. You can set a value between 4 to 20.
    • The PIN is not same as the extension number: Don't allow phone users to set a PIN that matches their extension number.
    • The PIN cannot contain group of repeated digits: Don't allow phone users to set a PIN that contains repeated numbers; for example, 111111 or 333333.
    • The PIN cannot be an ascending or descending group of digits: Don't allow phone users to set a PIN that contains an ascending or descending sequence of numbers. For example, 123456 or 987654.
    • Update PIN frequency: Set how often the phone user's PIN needs to be updated.
    • The PIN cannot be viewed by the admin: This setting can only be set by account owners to prevent admins from viewing users' pin code.

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