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Zoom Support Maintenance: 9/18/2021

Date and time: 9/18/2021 at 1PM PST for 10 hrs 30 min

We will be performing routine maintenance for Zoom Support. During this time, users may experience system delays or longer than expected wait times when contacting Zoom Support via phone, chat or web submission. All other request methods, based on your plan, will be available during this time. Please refer to for available contact options.

Affected components: Zoom Support Center

Release notes for June 27, 2021 Follow

Release notes for Web

New and enhanced features

  • Device management features
    • Hot desking status
      Account owners and admins can see the hot desking status in the device list. For example, if the device is signed in, the status will show the display name of the user.
    • Device list enhancements
      Account owners and admins can filter the device list by Personal Zoom Room or Zoom Phone appliance, see users signed in, sign out users, and remove devices.
    • Device operation time
      Account owners and admins can set the device operation time so that devices are in power saving mode after business hours.
    • Zoom Room Windows client upgrade to 64 bit
      Account owners and admins can upgrade their Windows Zoom Rooms and Zoom Room controller clients from Windows 32-bit to 64-bit by contacting Zoom support. 
    • Disallow users to sign-in to unmanaged Zoom Phone appliances
      Account owners and admins can disallow users from signing in to Zoom from unmanaged Zoom Phone appliances by changing the setting, Allow users to sign-in to unmanaged Zoom Phone Appliances. This is enabled by default.

Release notes for the enhanced Zoom Connector for SIP/H.323

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes

Release notes for Zoom Rooms

New and enhanced features

  • General features
    • Updated Zoom for Government label- Mac, Win, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc, Web zrc
    • Zoom Room voice commands (Public Beta) - Mac, Win, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc
      Users can check-in, check-out, start a scheduled meeting, start an instant meeting, join a meeting ID, enter meeting passcodes, leave and end a meeting with voice commands. Say “Hello Zoom” to get started. This is not currently supported on computers with ARM CPUs (Apple M1).
    • Support for Host Keys - Mac, Win, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc
      Zoom Rooms users can join a meeting and enter the Host Key to claim the host privileges for that meeting. 
    • Third party meeting support - Mac, Win, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc
      Zoom Rooms users can join Fuze meetings.
    • Updated user interface - Win, Appliances
      The user interface has been improved for smaller touch displays.
    • Support for DTEN Go with DTEN Mate - Appliances
    • Support for Amazon FireTV Cube - Appliances
    • STIR/SHAKEN compliance - Mac, Win, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc
      STIR/SHAKEN is an industry standard to prevent fraudsters from initiating calls from the numbers they don’t own. As required by FCC, Outbound PSTN calls from Zoom endpoints with Zoom provided US phone numbers will include attestation of the caller ID. This feature is in beta and needs to be enabled by Zoom. This feature requires client version 5.6.6 or higher.
  • In-meeting features
    • Smart Gallery (Public Beta) - Appliance, iOS zrc, Android zrc
      Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery displays multiple video feeds from a single conference room. This allows the Zoom Room cameras to focus more closely on groups of participants and display these people more clearly to remote attendees. Smart Gallery will be supported on Poly and Neat Appliances in July. Logitech Appliances will be supported later this year.
    • Improvements to non-vebal feedback - Mac, Win, iOS zrc, Android zrc
      Users who raise their hand in a meeting will have their feedback more prominently displayed in their participant window on the Zoom Room display.
    • Support for Network Device Interface (NDI)- Mac, Win, iOS zrc, Android zrc
      Video producers can use Network Device Interface (NDI) with Zoom Rooms to create custom visual experiences from individual video streams. Meeting or Webinar video is sent via NDI to the network and, from there, production teams can use NDI enabled applications to modify the video. 
    • Panelist and host controls in a webinar - Mac, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc
      Zoom Rooms that join a webinar as a panelist or a host will be able to view and/or manage attendees.  
    • Virtual background enhancementsMac, Win, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc
      Account admins can require users to use virtual background when their video is on, as well as set a default virtual background from the default or custom uploaded options. If a device does not support virtual background and the attempt is made to turn it on, the participant will be notified and their video turned off. 
    • In-meeting chat replies- Mac, Win, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc,
      Meeting participants in a Zoom Room can reply to in-meeting chat messages with a Zoom Rooms controller or using a Zoom Rooms touch screen. 
    • Mono channel dereverberation - Mac, Win, Appliances
      Users experiencing significant reverberation can turn on dereverberation.
    • Support for language interpretation on Zoom Rooms Touch - Win
    • Support for language interpretation - Appliances
    • Meeting archive notification- Mac, Win, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc
      Meeting participants will be notified if meeting data is being archived. 
    • Additional Smart Camera Modes - Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc
    • Portrait mode - Appliances
      The user experience will support portrait mode on Facebook Portal and Lenovo Think Smart View devices. With portrait mode on during a meeting, the active content (video, presentation, etc) will be displayed at the top of the meeting window. 
    • Privacy button - Appliances
      Participants who turn on the privacy button and then disable it will have their meeting settings preserved, rather than video and audio being enabled by default when the privacy button is disabled. 
  • Controller features
    • Support for more login methods on Zoom Rooms mobile controllers - iOS zrc, Android zrc
      Login with Facebook, Google, and Apple is supported.
    • Support for Poly GC8 USB controller - Win zrc
  • Zoom for Home features
    • OnZoom meeting display - Mac, Win, Appliances, iOS zrc
      Meeting hosts will be able to distinguish between regular meetings and OnZoom meetings when looking at their meeting lists.
    • Support for Mac and iOS devices - Mac, iOS zrc
    • Binding code login - Mac, Win, Appliances, iOS zrc
      A user that logs in to the Zoom web portal can then log in on the Zoom for Home device with a binding code.
    • Support for Lenovo ThinkSmart View - Appliances
  • Zoom Phone Appliances
    • Hot desking - ZP appliances
      The hot desking feature allows phone users to use their extension number and PIN to temporarily sign in to a provisioned desk phone.
    • Speed dial/BLF, support - ZP appliances
      Any line key customizations made in the Zoom web portal will display on Zoom Phone appliances. This includes line keys for speed dial and busy lamp field (BLF). Speed dial allows users to easily dial a number by pressing a line key. BLF allows users to see the call status of another internal line.
    • Support for language interpretation - ZP appliances
      This allows meeting hosts to designate interpreters for their Zoom meeting or webinar on the Zoom web portal or during a Zoom session. Interpreters will hear the main audio channel and can speak into the language channel which they’ve been assigned. Participants choose which audio channel they would like to hear.
    • Emergency address management - ZP appliances
      Users will be prompted to enable location sharing if their admin enables nomadic emergency services. Users can also add or update their emergency address.
    • Nomadic emergency services - ZP appliances
      Nomadic emergency services provide the ability to dynamically detect and report a user's location for emergency calling. Account owners and admins define locations, specifying a street address, IP addresses ranges, and/or wireless access point identifiers. When a phone user places an emergency call from within a defined location, the associated emergency address will be sent to emergency responders.
    • UI enhancements - ZP appliances
      Various UI enhancements to improve the user experience for features like joining meetings, sharing screen, viewing notifications, and recording calls.
    • Call Recording - ZP appliances
      User can start/stop call recording directly from the in call control option.
    • Ability to block user to sign in to unmanaged Zoom Phone Appliances - ZP appliances
      Administrators can block users' ability to log in to their Zoom accounts on unmanaged devices. 

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements