Release notes for July 5, 2021

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Release notes for Chrome OS

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue regarding 3rd-party login pages bypassing content filters

Release notes for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

New and enhanced features

  • Support for Mac VMware plugin
    Zoom is pleased to announce a new plugin for the VMWare platform and Macintosh computers. This plugin is provided as a single installation download that will install the correct plugin for either older (x86) or newer M1 Macintosh computers (ARM-based processors).
  • Custom Filters
    VDI Clients can select and use custom filters provisioned on the web portal for images such as corporate logos. Both client and plugin must be updated to support this feature.
  • Customize Participant Layout in Gallery View
    VDI Clients with the latest client and plugin release can drag and drop to rearrange participants in gallery view.
  • Bandwidth Management via GPO policies
    Administrators can configure GPO policies to set the maximum bandwidth available for thin clients. Bandwidth restrictions policies can also be implemented to only apply to office devices, allowing home users to take full advantage of personal network capabilities.
  • Virtual background enforcement
    Account administrators can require users to use virtual backgrounds when their video is on, as well as set a default virtual background from the default or custom uploaded options. If the device does not meet the system requirements for virtual background, the user is not able to turn on their video.
  • Universal Zoom VDI Installer  for the Citrix Mac Plugin
    A universal ZoomVDI installer is now provided for Citrix/Mac VDI plugins and will automatically install the correct plugin based on the detected x86 or ARM processor.
  • VDI Zoom Phone
    Configuration support for fallback modes when Zoom Phone optimization is not available is now supported with specific registry entries for Zoom Phone.
  • Fallback Mode 7
    An additional fallback mode option has been added to force participants using VDI who are not optimized to only join a meeting with the ability to view the share session. Audio and video are disabled when fallback mode 7 is enforced.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes

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