Release notes for September 18, 2021

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Release notes for Web

Changes to existing features

  • UI enhancement to linked accounts settings
    Link accounts settings have been moved to the Account Profile page. Users require the Account Profile privilege in role management to access linked accounts settings.
  • Enhancement to Trust and Safety and Security communications settings
    Admins and custom roles with the Account Settings privilege can view and edit the email recipients that receive Trust and Safety and Security communications. Previously, only account owners could view and edit these settings.
  • Enhancements account ownership transfer process
    When an account admin requests to become the account owner, the owner has 168 hours (7 days) to respond. During the 7-day period, Zoom sends emails daily to the account owner for approval (until the account owner responds). If the owner does not respond to any of the emails within the 7-days period, then the admin becomes the account owner. Previously, account owners had 72 hours to respond, before the admin automatically became the account owner.
  • UI enhancements to SIP/H.323 page
    The SIP/H.323 Room Connector page has moved from the Advanced to Room Management section. The H.323/SIP room connector privilege has also moved to the Zoom Rooms Management section of the role management page.

New and enhanced features

  • Administrator features
    • Education institution status reporting
      New and existing users will be provided with options to specify if they provide educational services to children. This process may also include new consent notifications for existing users.
    • Bulk delete, unlink, or deactivate users
      Account owners and admins can delete, unlink, or deactivate users in bulk by uploading a CSV file or selecting users in the user management page. This feature requires the Bulk delete, unlink, and deactivate privilege in role management. The privilege is disabled by default for admins; and enabled by default for account owners.
    • Notifications when SSO is enabled
      When an account owner or admin enables SSO, they receive a notification that recommends disabling other sign-in methods for security purposes. Account owners and admins can choose whether to disable other sign-in methods or allow users to sign in with different methods in Security settings.
    • Links preview support for advanced chat encryption
      If advanced chat encryption is enabled, account owners and admins can enable link previews for users. When enabled, link previews will be shown to users who send or receive chat messages with links. The local application will detect the link in the sender's message before it is encrypted, and the preview will be shared between the sender and recipient. Only URLs are detected by this link preview feature and they must match http:// or https:// followed by a non-empty space. This feature is disabled by default; and can be changed at the account level.
    • Disable join before host for external users
      Account owners and admins can disable the ability for external users to join the meeting before the host. This feature needs to be enabled by Zoom.
    • UI enhancement to recording transcript search
      The feature to globally search recording transcripts has moved to its own search bar in the recording management page for admins and users. Previously, they had to select Transcript in the search bar drop-down menu to use this feature.
    • Stop incoming video
      Users in a meeting can easily disable all incoming videos. This may be done to preserve bandwidth for shared content, or to avoid mental fatigue from viewing multiple, active video participants. The account owner and admins can enable this for use in meetings at the Account-, Group-, and User-level web settings. This feature requires client version 5.8.0 or higher.
    • Enhancements to CRC Dashboard
      Account owners and admins can view the connection, provision, SIP, and meeting status of SIP/H.323 devices managed with the enhanced Zoom API Connector in the account.
  • User features
    • Registration cap for meetings
      Hosts can restrict the number of registrations for meetings. After the registration limit is reached, no one will be able to register for the meeting. Previously, this setting was only available for webinars.
    • Poll access for alternative hosts
      If meeting hosts add alternative hosts to their meeting, they can enable a setting to allow alternative hosts to add or edit polls. This feature requires client version 5.8.0 or higher.
    • Enhancements to Trust and Safety form
      The Trust & Safety form has been enhanced for an improved reporting experience. Additionally, users can report other instances of abuse which may have taken place outside of a Zoom meeting, webinar, or event setting.
    • In-meeting emoji support for non-signed-in users
      If the meeting reactions setting is enabled, users who are not signed in and join a paid account’s meeting can use emojis during in-meeting chat or reactions.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • Resolved an issue where the webinar confirmation email had incorrect spacing
  • Resolved an issue where search results in the Dashboard were not being displayed when moving through the search result pages

Release notes for Outlook add-in

New and enhanced features

  • Poll access for alternative hosts
    If meeting hosts add alternative hosts to their meeting, they can allow alternative hosts to add or edit polls. This feature requires client version 5.8.0 or higher.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes

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