Automatic update release frequencies

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Users can now allow the desktop client to automatically download and install updates based on their choice of update frequencies. Updates can be applied on one of 2 available frequencies: Slow (default) for fewer updates and better stability, or Fast for the newest features and updates.


  • Zoom desktop client
    • Windows: version 5.8.6 or higher
    • macOS: version 5.8.6 or higher

How to enable automatic updates and set update cadence

By default, automatic update is enabled in standard installation packages (EXE, DMG), and disabled in mass distribution packages for managed systems (MSI, PKG). This can be manually controlled in the desktop client settings.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
  2. Click your profile picture, then click Settings.
  3. On the  General tab in the Zoom Updates section, click the check box to enable/disable Automatically keep Zoom up to date.
  4. Click the dropdown menu to select how often you would like to have updates installed:
    1. Slow: (Default) Provides fewer updates and better stability.
    2. Fast: Provides the newest features and updates.

Update cadences

Below is more information about the update cadences and how those will impact your desktop client:

Fast: For users that are interested in the latest features and functionality, select this option to get updates sooner and more frequently. Zoom typically releases client updates on a monthly cadence. Upon release, the new client will be distributed to a percentage of random users on the fast track each day. 

Slow: For users that want less frequent changes and a more mature feature set, select this option. Slow is the default for both individual and managed users. Zoom will determine if/when a new version is promoted to the Slow track based on telemetry and internal metrics.

Regardless of which track is chosen, the update is only installed when

  • Your device has be selected as one of the random devices eligible to upgrade that day
  • Your Zoom desktop client has been restarted

Note: In the event that Zoom needs to provide a security update to the Zoom desktop client to keep users safe, those updates will be distributed to the entire audience simultaneously.

Learn more about minimum, prompted, and slow/fast track client versions

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