Integrating Moodle Calendar with LTI Pro

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LTI Pro allows meetings scheduled with the LTI to be posted to the Moodle Calendar.

This article covers:

Creating a token

  1. Log in to Moodle as an Admin.
  2. Click Site Administration, then click Plugins.
  3. Click Manage tokens.
  4. Under Manage tokens, click Add.
  5. Select Service as Moodle mobile web service and click Save changes.
  6. Copy the token that was just created.

Configure an instance

  1. Navigate to the LTI Pro Configuration page
  2. Click 3rd Party Credentials, then click LTI Mooodle.
  3. Click Add Instance.
  4. Paste the token copied from step 6 in the previous section and paste the token into the Access Token field.
  5. Click Save.

Verifying meeting creation for Moodle Calendar

  1. Create a meeting within Zoom.
  2. Navigate to your Moodle Calendar.
  3. Choose the desired course.
  4. Find the event on the calendar and verify you see Click here to join Zoom Meeting: <meetingID>.

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