Pre-assigning Breakout Rooms with LTI Pro

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Meeting hosts can split participants into breakout rooms when scheduling the meeting. This can be useful if you already know how you want to split up your participants and don’t want to take up meeting time assigning participants to rooms. You can assign participants to breakout rooms by manually selecting participants or upload a CSV file for a large group of participants.

This article covers:

Prerequisite for pre-assigning Breakout Rooms with LTI Pro

  • The account administrator has enabled breakout rooms for meetings, and also enabled the pre-assignment option.
  • Participants need to use the Zoom account associated with the pre-assignments. If they are not signed in, or use a different account, the pre-assignment is not applied to them.


  • You can only pre-assign participants that have a Zoom account (internal or external Zoom users).
  • To pre-assign participants that are external Zoom users, import a CSV file.
  • For scheduled recurring meetings, the pre-assigned breakout rooms must be applied to all meetings in the recurrence. You can’t edit a single meeting in the recurrence and apply a unique pre-assignment.
  • If an admin imports a CSV file which exceeds their breakout room limit/participants limit, some data may not be imported.

Pre-assigning participants to breakout rooms

To pre-assign participants to breakout rooms:

  1. Sign into your LMS and schedule a meeting or edit an existing meeting.
  2. In the Meeting Options section, check Breakout Room pre-assign, and click Create Rooms.
  3. Add a breakout room and rename the room (if desired).
  4. Enter participant in the Add Participant field:
    • Autocomplete: If your administrator has enabled autocomplete, click the Add Participant field to display a list of participants available for the course or context. You can select from the list to add them to the breakout room.
    • Manual: You can enter participants’ emails and press ENTER for each.
  5. Click Save when done.
  6. In the meeting details screen, click Save again to apply the breakout room changes to the meeting.

Manually reassigning participants to breakout rooms

To manually reassign participants to another breakout room, hover the cursor over the participant’s email, click < to display the breakout rooms list, and select the destination breakout room.

Pre-assignments in bulk

To manage pre-assignments in bulk, use the CSV file feature:

  • Import from CSV: Use this to upload pre-assignments you have already prepared in CSV files. You can access it under Meeting Options or on the Breakout Room Assignment screen.
  • Export as CSV file: Use this to download and edit the breakout room pre-assignments. When done, re-import the CSV file to update the pre-assignments for the meeting.

    Note: The export includes only those rooms with participants.


Not seeing expected participants in the CVS file
If you don’t see all of the participants in the CVS file, check the following:

  • Do you have more rooms than allowed?
  • Do you have more participants than allowed?
  • Is the email in a valid email format?

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