Customizing user settings in Salesforce

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You can control certain actions taken by the integration for your Zoom Meetings.

This article covers:

How to customize user settings

  1. Log in to Salesforce.
  2. In the App Launcher, open Zoom Config.
  3. Access User Settings.

How to enable personal meeting ID

To have your meetings created in Salesforce, use your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) instead of a generated meeting ID. For more information, see Personal meeting ID (PMI) and personal link.

How to email attendees at the start of a meeting

To send an email to your meeting attendees when you start a meeting. Once you click the Start Zoom meeting button in Salesforce, it automatically redirects you to send an email to your attendees. This email includes the prepopulated Zoom meeting details.

How to send ICS attachments in invitation emails

Use this setting to add an ICS file attachment to meeting invitations.

How to disable invitation emails

Use this setting to disable the integration from sending the invitation email.

Note: This setting is dependent on the organization setting configured by Salesforce admins.

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