Using Zoom Webinars for Salesforce

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The Zoom integration automatically creates Salesforce campaigns when you create Zoom webinars and uses the webinar name as the campaign title.

With the Zoom Webinars integration with Salesforce, you can do the following: 

  • View approved, blocked, pending registrants. 
  • Approve or deny registrants. 
  • Add webinar registrants as campaign members. 
  • Create new leads.

For information about creating Zoom Webinars, see Scheduling a webinar with registration.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using Zoom Webinars for Salesforce

  • Zoom account with Webinar license.
  • Salesforce domain for Salesforce Lightning.
  • Salesforce administrator has configured Zoom Webinars Settings in Salesforce. See Zoom Webinars Settings.

How to register webinar attendees

You can register attendees by: 

  • Logging in to the Zoom web portal, scheduling a webinar, and sending the registration link to attendees.
  • Using the Add to Webinar button to add contacts and leads to the selected webinar.

How to add contacts and leads to webinars

Note: You must have the Add to Webinar button to your contacts and leads layouts.

  1. From your contacts and leads pages, select up to 10 persons at a time.
  2. Click Add to Webinar.
    The integration will display a list of your current webinars.
  3. Select a webinar.
  4. Click Invite to send a registration link.
  5. Click Register to automatically add them to the webinar.

Note: Ensure that the leads and contacts have value for these fields: first name, last name, and email, and any other required fields you have set for the webinar registration.

How to add the Add to Webinar button to contacts and leads layouts

You can add the list button Add to Webinar to the contact and lead search layouts.

  1. Sign in to your Salesforce account.
  2. Find and access your lead and contact search layouts.
  3. Select List View layout.
  4. Click the dropdown and select Edit.
    The screen displays the Custom Buttons section.
  5. In the Available Buttons box, select Add to Webinar.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Click Save.

How to sync Zoom Webinars registrants to Salesforce campaigns

The integration automatically syncs the webinar and registration information from your Zoom Webinars portal to your Salesforce campaign.

When the integration syncs the webinar information to Salesforce, it automatically:

  • Creates a campaign.
  • Creates a campaign member when you add a registrant to the webinar.

Ensure that the Salesforce administrator has configured the following Zoom Webinars settings

  • Authorized Salesforce to receive your webinar information. 
  • Automatically sync registrants to Salesforce. 
  • Create a campaign for each webinar. 
  • Add registrants as campaign members.

Manually sync Zoom Webinars to Salesforce

Optionally, you can use the Sync Webinar from button to initiate the sync process.

  1. In Salesforce, click the Zoom Webinars tab.
  2. Select the webinar you want to sync.
  3. In the top-right corner, click the dropdown and select Sync Webinar from

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