Release notes for January 17, 2022

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Release notes for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Resolved issues

  • Improvements to VMWare optimization
    Zoom and VMware have collaborated on changes that improve the reliability of session optimization and address an issue where video was not being displayed.
  • Support for VMware Block Screenshot feature
    Changes were made in this release to support a new feature from VMware that can be enabled to block screenshots.
  • HID device support on Linux
    Multiple changes were made to improve HID support for Linux plugins.
  • Latest VCSDK for Citrix and Macintosh
    A change to support Macintosh plugins in Citrix Workspace app Mac 2110 or later was required in the form of a new SDK.
  • Starboard 4 Bloomberg Keyboard and HID support for eLux
    An issue when attempting to enable HID support for the latest Bloomberg Keyboards was reported and resolved by disabling HID for the keyboard.
  • Factory reset for eLux
    An issue was found and fixed when using the reset option for eLux.
  • Follow HID commands from selected device on Linux
    An issue has been resolved for Linux plugins where HID commands were being ignored from the selected device if a command (such as mute) had been previously sent from another HID device.
  • Reactions displayed in full screen mode
    Reactions are now correctly displayed when the viewer changes the display to full screen mode.

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