Identifying if a CyberData paging device supports assisted provisioning

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Assisted provisioning is available for certified CyberData paging devices. However, some older product lines do not support the SSL device certificate required for assisted provisioning (also known as auto-URL provisioning). As a result, these older models may need to be manually provisioned as Other/Generic devices using the Zoom web portal. Please reach out to CyberData support for details.

How to identify if a CyberData paging device supports assisted provisioning

  1. Sign in to CyberData device's web interface,
  2. Click the SSL tab.
  3. See the Device Certificate / Client Certificate section to check if the device supports assisted provisioning:
    • If it supports assisted provisioning, the commonName = (MAC address of the device).
    • If it does not support assisted provisioning, the commonName = random name (not a MAC address). Add the device as Other/Generic device type and manually provision the device.

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