Release notes for February 13, 2022

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Release notes for Zoom Events

Changes to existing features

  • General features
    • Co-Editor support for Expo
      When Hosts add Co-Editors in the conference event creation flow, Hosts can select Expo as one of the options in the permissions dropdown menu. This allows specific Co-Editors the ability to make changes in the Expo tab.
    • Migrate all Expo fields into Expo tab
      All Expo fields are now located in the Expo tab in the conference event creation flow. Event organizers will now complete sponsored and non-sponsored booth setup, configuration, and edits in the Expo tab for their events.
  • Hub features
    • New Settings tab for Hub visibility
      Hubs now have a new Settings tab, which includes the Hub visibility setting, landing Hub option, and Hub deletion option. From the Settings tab, the Hub Owner can set one of their Hubs to be the landing Hub for Attendees to browse and discover events instead of using their default Hub’s public listing page.

New and enhanced features

  • Host features
    • Landing Hub support
      Hosts can now specify their landing Hub from their Hub’s Settings tab. All Attendees will now be directed to the Host’s landing Hub public event listing page instead of the Host’s default Hub event listing page.
    • ZIP file download option for Full Report
      Hosts can now download a Full Report as a ZIP file, which contains individual Host Analytics Dashboard reports. Previously, the Full Report option could only be downloaded as a single Excel (CSV) file that included all reports from the Host Analytics Dashboard.
  • Attendee features
    • Attendee landing Hub support
      When a landing Hub is specified, all Attendees will be directed to the landing Hub’s public event listing page. When no landing Hub is specified, all Attendees will land on the Tickets page instead of the default Hub’s event listing page. Previously, all Attendees were directed to the default Hub’s event listing page when they signed in to Zoom Events.
  • Hub features
    • Content library
      Hosts can upload images or videos in a Hub’s content library to share with the Hub’s Hosts, Hub Managers, and the Hub Owner. Hub Owners, Hub Managers, and Hosts can use the content library to manage shared content in each Hub when creating an event.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements

Release notes for Zoom Chrome Extension

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes

Release notes for Zoom Firefox Extension

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes

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