Zoom Events Family Event Attendee Code of Conduct

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Zoom cares about you and your family’s privacy and safety on the Zoom Events platform. To help keep you and your family safe, we ask that you follow this Zoom Events Family Event Attendee Code of Conduct when attending events in our Family category, and, in particular, those aimed at families with children under 16.

  • Family-focused events are intended for parents and/or guardians and children to attend together. If you register for an event that involves activities for children under 16, you should attend the event with your child or designate an adult to attend the event with your child.
  • If you choose to have video enabled when you attend the event, either use a virtual background or ensure your surroundings are free of any images that are inappropriate for children or insensitive.
  • When attending a Zoom Event, do not use foul, harassing, or discriminating language or engage in such behaviors. For more information on prohibited content and behavior, review our Acceptable Use Guidelines.
  • If a host or other attendee uses prohibited language or engages in conduct that violates our Zoom Events Host Terms of Use or Acceptable Use Guidelines, or if you have other concerns regarding your child on the Zoom Events platform, submit a report.
  • If you witness any illegal activity on the Zoom Events platform, in addition to reporting the activity to Zoom, we encourage you to report illegal activities to your local law enforcement authorities.

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