Zoom Rooms Scheduler system requirements

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Zoom Room Scheduling displays can be used on systems that meet specific system requirements, which are detailed below. We have also provided verified systems that we have tested to ensure they are suitable for use as a Zoom Room Scheduling display.

Zoom Rooms support a maximum of ten controllers simultaneously. Zoom Room scheduling displays, web-based controllers, Zoom app desktop controllers, iOS/Android mobile device controllers, and paired Zoom desktop and mobile clients do not count against this limit, as they have their own, separate limits.

Basic system requirements for Zoom Room Scheduler 




Minimum OS Requirements

iPadOS 10.0 or above

Commercial Android Tablet running 8.0 or above

Hardware Requirements

iPad Mini, iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Pro

Minimum Screen Size: 7.0 inch with limited functionality

Recommended Screen Size: 8.0 inch or higher


  • ARM v6+ or x86
  • Dual-core 1.5 Ghz or above

Software Requirements

Zoom Rooms Controller App for iOS

Zoom Rooms Controller App for Android

Verified Zoom Room Scheduler Platforms



Neat Pad

  • 8” controller screen
  • PoE power
  • Side LED indicators
  • Wall mount or side mount available

Logitech Tap Scheduler

  • 10.1” controller screen
  • PoE power
  • Side LED indicators
  • Glass, mullion, & wall mounting available

Crestron TSS

  • 7” or 10” scheduler screen
  • PoE power

Poly TC10 

  • 10” controller screen
  • PoE power
  • Side LED indicators
  • Wall mount or Glass mount available

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