Using Zoom Revenue Accelerator for admins

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As a Zoom Revenue Accelerator admin, you can control and configure how your organization uses Zoom Revenue Accelerator to provide rich insights that help your sales and marketing teams. 

You can keep track of onboarding and managing Zoom Revenue Accelerator users, create custom roles that best suit the level of access that the members of your organization need, capture critical moments in conversations by configuring indicators, and sync deal progress through CRM integration.

Prerequisites for configuring Zoom Revenue Accelerator as admin

How to use Zoom Revenue Accelerator for admins

Role management

After licenses are assigned, admins will need to configure Zoom Revenue Accelerator roles, to control the access and permissions of Zoom Revenue Accelerator users. Zoom Revenue Accelerator roles are created and assigned similarly to the standard Zoom roles. For more information about ZoomRevenue Accelerator roles, their permissions and scopes, and how to assign them, please refer to the Zoom Revenue Accelerator role management article.

User management

As a Zoom Revenue Accelerator admin, you can make sure that users have proper setup and access prior to using Zoom Revenue Accelerator by checking the status of key Revenue Accelerator configurations such as provisioned date, role, team, auto recording status, and what type of activities Zoom Revenue Accelerator captures.

Meetings and Recordings

As Zoom Revenue Accelerator admin, you can control the meeting recordings and recorded Zoom Phone calls to analyze. You can also customize meeting recording disclaimer.


You can configure indicators that identify specific words, phrases, or sentences in your recording transcripts to capture critical moments in your conversations.

CRM integration

You can integrate Zoom Revenue Accelerator with your CRM to automate the way you work and get digestible, aggregated insights to give context to your sales funnel, highlight deals that need attention, and identify pipeline trends.

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