Using Zoom Rooms for Zoom Events speaker/panelist sessions

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The Zoom Events integration with Zoom Rooms allows special role users to start their assigned meeting/webinar sessions. It also gives hosts the option to start their Zoom event from a Zoom Room and allows attendees to join their events by using Zoom Rooms. 

A speaker or webinar panelist can start their assigned meeting/webinar sessions through their personal Zoom Room. The event will be displayed on their desktop client and personal Zoom Room event list. They can start each live session individually by clicking the session Start button on their personal Zoom Room device or through their Zoom Rooms controller. The sessions that have ended, or the sessions whose scheduled end time is over, will not be displayed.

A speaker or panelist can also start their designated Zoom Event from a paired device. Any special role in an event can start or join live meeting/webinar sessions through a Zoom Room that is paired with their Zoom client on a desktop.

Note: To display meetings from a calendar service, you must integrate the Zoom Room with Google Calendar, Office 365, Exchange 2016/13, Exchange 2010, or Exchange 2007.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using Zoom Events from a Zoom Room

  • Zoom desktop client
    • Windows: 5.10.0 or higher
    • macOS: 5.10.0 or higher
  • Zoom Rooms version 5.10.0 or higher
  • Zoom Rooms controller version 5.10.0 or higher

How to start Zoom Events from your personal Zoom Room

Your personal Zoom Room shares the same information as your desktop client. Any meetings or scheduled events that you can view in the desktop client will display in your personal Zoom Room as well. After you are assigned a scheduled Zoom Event as a speaker or panelist, your event—and its sessions—will display in both your desktop client and your personal Zoom Room event list. By using a personal Zoom Room, you do not need to pair to host Zoom Events; your personal Zoom Room belongs to you, and essentially, shares your Zoom identity.

Start an assigned Zoom Event from a personal Zoom Room

  1. Sign in to Zoom Rooms.
    Your assigned speaker or panelist event will appear on your desktop client and personal Zoom Room event list.
  2. On your personal Zoom Room event list, find the event that you’re hosting then click Join Lobby.
    On the left side of the page, the session list displays all the event’s sessions in chronological order. On the right side of the page, the session detail page is displayed.
  3. On an assigned session you want to start, tap the Start button to start a session from your personal Zoom Room.
    • Zoom Events allows the speaker or panelist to click the Start button any time if the session has not ended.
    • If a Joining a Sponsored Session pop-up window appears, tap Agree and Join to confirm to start the session.

You can still access the event lobby from your Zoom client and share your desktop. When a session has ended, the session entry will be removed from your calendar.

How to pair Zoom Rooms

If you do not have a personal Zoom Room, you can choose to pair your desktop client with any Zoom Room that shares the same domain.

Pair Zoom Rooms with the Zoom desktop client

The Zoom desktop client can pair with your Zoom Room to allow you to start or join a Zoom Event on the Zoom Room from the desktop client.


  • The Zoom desktop client must be paired with the Zoom Room first, before being able to pass a meeting to the paired Zoom Room. Pairing is not available once the event is started or joined.
  • You can only pair with Zoom Rooms that are on the same account as the user signed in to the desktop client or Zoom Room device.

To pair Zoom Rooms from the conference lobby on the desktop client:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
  2. Click the Meetings tab meetings-button.png.
  3. Click a scheduled Zoom Event.
  4. Click Join Lobby.
    Your event session list will be displayed.
  5. On the lower-left panel, tap the Zoom Rooms pairing button paring.png.
  6. Enter the Sharing Key, displayed on the Zoom Room display, and tap Pair.
    A successful pairing will provide a notification, informing you of which Zoom Room the client is now paired with, and the Zoom Room pairing button will appear blue successful_pairing.png.

Unpair Zoom Rooms from the conference lobby

In the conference lobby, tap or click the Zoom Room pairing button paring.png in the lower-left panel, then tap or click Unpair to disconnect your Zoom Rooms device or desktop client from the Zoom Room. The Zoom Room will remain connected to the event until the event ends or someone taps Leave on the Zoom Room controller tablet.

How to start sessions from paired Zoom Rooms

You will be ready to start your Zoom Events sessions once your Zoom Room system is set up and you have signed in to your room system. Additionally, you will be ready to join Zoom Events once your Zoom Room hardware is set up and you have signed in to your account.

Start an event session from a paired Zoom Room

  1. Access the event that you’re assigned from the following ways:
  2. Click the Join Lobby link.
    The event lobby will be launched on your Zoom desktop client. The left panel displays the session list, and the right panel displays the session details page.
  3. In the lobby, pair your Zoom desktop client with a nearby Zoom Room.
  4. On a session, click the Start button.
    You will join the meeting or webinar sessions in Zoom Rooms. From there, you can start sharing your desktop.
    Note: There will be two participants; one is the desktop client, and the other is the paired Zoom Room.

How to access your session list

  1. On your personal Zoom Room or paired Zoom Room device, find the scheduled Zoom Event that you want to access from the Zoom Room event list.
  2. Tap the topic of a scheduled Zoom Event.
  3. Tap Join Lobby.
    The event lobby will be displayed. On the left panel, your event session list will display your assigned sessions first, in chronological order. On the right panel, the session detail page will be displayed.

Exit session list

  1. Access your session list.

  2. In the top right corner of the lobby, tap the x button x-mark-with-circle-border.png to exit the lobby’s session list.
    You will return to the Personal Zoom Room (PZR) home page.

Refresh session list

  1. Access your session list.

  2. In the top left corner of the lobby, tap the refresh button refresh.png.
    Your session list will be updated and will reflect which sessions are live or finished.

View session details

  1. Access your session list.

  2. On a session card (except the Start button), tap any area to view session details.
    Note: On smaller screens, the session details page will open on a new page. To return to the session list from the session details page, at the top left corner, select back-arrow-button.png Sessions.

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