Release notes for April 2, 2022

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Release notes for Zoom Rooms

For full notes including version numbers, please see the operating system release notes. 
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New and enhanced features

  • General features
    • Support for joining Zoom Events via pairing with Zoom Rooms - Win, Mac, iPad, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc
      Attendees can start or join live sessions via a Zoom Room that is paired to their Zoom clients on laptops or mobile devices. Start/Join buttons are only accessible on the Zoom client interface.
    • End of support for iOS 8 and iOS 9 - iOS zrc
      Apple devices running Apple iOS 8.x and 9.x will be unable to upgrade to or install Zoom Rooms Controller for iPad version 5.10 and subsequent versions. See our support article for more information.
    • User interface updates - Win, Mac, Appliances, iPad, iOS zrc, Android zrc, Win zrc, Web zrc
      The Zoom Rooms user interface (UI) has been updated to provide a more consistent experience. The new UI aligns with the Zoom desktop and mobile clients, matches Zoom’s current branding, and provides an optimized information architecture to better meet user needs. The in-meeting experience has been updated for Windows, Mac, and iPad Zoom Rooms. It has also been updated for Zoom Rooms Appliances and iOS and Android Zoom Rooms controllers. The out-of-meeting experience has been updated for Windows-attached and Web Zoom Rooms controllers. See our blog post for more information. 
    • Improved zoom in/zoom out for specific cameras - Win, Mac
      Resolves an issue for some PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras that were experiencing slow zoom in/zoom out behavior. The overall zoom response is now faster. Small adjustments are available by tapping the buttons instead of holding them down.
    • Hide user personal information in contact details - Win, Appliances, iPad
      Enable this setting to hide users’ personal information in the contact details page. The affected fields are: personal note, company, department, manager, job title, locations, internal number, extension, direct number, phone number, email.
    • On-screen notification enhancements - Appliances, ZP Appliances
      Up to three notifications will be displayed at the bottom right corner of the display. Notifications either disappear within a certain time frame, or must be manually dismissed. This is determined by level of importance, with more important notifications requiring a manual dismissal. 
    • Removal of Calendar Integration error message - Win, Mac, iPad, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc, Win zrc
      Previously, when a Zoom Room was not linked to a calendar, a prominent error on the Zoom Rooms Controller home page appeared: "This room needs to be connected to a calendar. Contact your Zoom Rooms admin". This error message has been updated to suggest that connection to a calendar is not mandatory. Organizations that do not wish to connect their Zoom Rooms to a calendar can have their admins hide the upcoming meetings list on Zoom Rooms Controllers, which removes the message completely.
    • Troubleshooting logs for Microsoft Teams meetings - Win zrc, Web zrc
      Participants in a Microsoft Teams Direct Guest Join meeting can send logs to Microsoft.
  • In-meeting features
    • Live transcription (automated captions) notification - Win, Mac, iPad, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc, Win zrc, Web zrc
      If saving transcripts (captions) is disabled for the meeting, attendees will be notified. 
    • Reclaim host in breakout rooms - Win, Mac, iPad, Appliances, ZP Appliances  iOS zrc, Android zrc,
      The original meeting host can reclaim the host privileges in a breakout room if they leave and rejoin the meeting. 
    • Additional  chat settings - Win, Mac, iPad, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc
      Meeting and Webinar hosts can tap the Security button on the Zoom Rooms user interface to set the chat privileges for participants, attendees and panelists.
    • Support for Smart Gallery - Win zrc, Web zrc
      Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery view displays multiple video feeds from a single conference room. This allows the Zoom Rooms cameras to focus more closely on participants and display these people more clearly to remote attendees. Smart gallery is enabled by tapping Multi-stream on the Zoom Room Controller. More info.
    • Persistent notification for waiting room - Win, Mac, iPad, Appliances
      When an attendee is in the Waiting Room a persistent notification will display on the Zoom Rooms display. 
    • Live streaming notification - Win, Mac, iPad, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc
      All attendees will see a notification when the meeting or webinar host starts a live stream. Attendees who join the session after the live stream has started will be notified when they enter. 
    • Enhanced in-meeting user abuse reporting - Win, Mac, iPad, Appliances, ZP appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc, Win zrc, Web zrc
      Users submitting reports will be required to include their email addresses.
    • Screen sharing indicator - Win, Mac, iPad, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc, Win zrc
      The green Share Content button on the room controller will change to a red Sharing Content button when a screen share initiated by the Zoom Room is in progress.
    • Web settings for gallery view - Win, Mac, iPad, Appliances
      Attending a webinar as a Zoom Room will display  gallery view according to web settings, such as show non-video participants. 
    • Gallery view when an attendee is spotlighted - Win, Mac, iPad, Appliances
      Zoom Rooms users can switch to gallery view when an attendee is spotlighted.
    • Additional reactions - Win
      When meeting participants select the coffee cup icon as a reaction, the coffee cup icon will be displayed on Zoom Rooms at the top left corner of the participant’s video with the text “I’m away”. 
    • Language Interpretation relay enhancement - Win, iPad, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc
      Language interpreters can listen to either the main audio or another translator’s audio, which can be useful when a translator doesn’t know the main language being spoken, but knows another language the audio is being translated to. This feature must be enabled by Zoom.
    • Multi-camera Mode support for G7500 devices - Appliances
      Multi-camera mode allows admins and users to  enable multiple cameras simultaneously from a single conference room and use them to better capture in-room participants or provide different viewing angles of the room. See our support article for more information. 
    • Smart Gallery resolution for Neat Bar Pro - Appliances
      Secondary streams in Smart Gallery mode can have a max resolution of 720p. 
    • Support for AirPlay sharing - Appliances
    • Support for native room controls during a Microsoft Teams Direct Guest Join meeting - iOS zrc, Android zrc
    • Virtual background delay - Win zrc, Web zrc
      If a user’s virtual background fails to load, a prompt will appear with the option to start the video without it.
    • Focus mode - Win zrc, Web zrc
      In focus mode, only the host can see participants’ videos or profile pictures when video is off. Participant screen sharing can only be viewed by the host, who can switch between multiple shared screens and allow participants to view others’ shared screens. Administrators can enable Focus mode for use in meetings via the web portal.
  • Management features
    • Microsoft calendar authentication notification - Win, Mac, iPad, Appliances, ZP Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc, Windows zrc, Web zrc
      Microsoft plans to disable basic authentication for Microsoft Exchange Web Services for Office 365. If a Zoom Room calendar integration to a Microsoft O365 calendar service encounters authentication errors because of this change, a notification message will display.  Customers are encouraged to update any Zoom Rooms calendar integration with Microsoft O365 to use OAuth instead of basic authentication by re-authorizing their calendar integration in the Zoom admin portal. 
    • Untrusted certificate security warning enhancement - Win, Mac, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc
      Additional untrusted certificate security warning details including certificate issuer and connection error code will be displayed on the Zoom Room’s screen. These details will also be included in Zoom Room alerts issued to account contacts, and displayed on the Zoom web portal dashboard. 
    • OnZoom disclaimer - Win, Mac, iPad, Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc, Web zrc
      The customized OnZoom event disclaimer will be displayed to Zoom Rooms that join as alternate-hosts or panelists.
    • Automatic audio echo test - Appliances
      Proactively tests your Zoom Rooms audio devices for echo daily.
  • Zoom for Home features
    • Support for displaying Zoom Events on the calendar - Win, Mac, iPad, Appliances, ZP Appliances, iOS zrc, Android zrc
      After registration, Zoom Events will appear on the user’s calendar with a join option.
    • Support for Zoom Phone voicemail - Appliances
      Voicemail is supported on all appliances, however, DTEN Appliances also require the latest firmware version. (description will only be posted on Appliances page)
  • Zoom Phone Appliances
    • Support for Poly CCX 500  - ZP Appliances
      Portrait view is supported on Poly CCX 500.
    • Distinctive Ringtones - ZP Appliances
      User can set different ringtones for the user's line for incoming calls.
    • Barge-Monitor-Whisper (BMW) tool - ZP Appliances
      The BMW tool helps managers monitor and assist with client calls to support employees. 
    • Call queue member can opt in/out call queues directly from device- ZP Appliances
      Users can opt in or out from a call queue directly from the device.
    • Video greeting and video mail - ZP Appliances
      Users can record video greetings/mail and then forward them to others. Alternatively, users can also download video greetings/mail and then forward them to others. 
    • Group call pick up - ZP Appliances
      User can pick up calls for a member of the same group without the need to access that member’s desk phone, Zoom client or ZP Appliance. A system administrator can set up a call pick up group for extensions that share call handling responsibilities.
    • Intercom Enhancements - ZP Appliances
      Users can use the intercom to communicate with others when searching through their contacts. 
    • QR code login when hot desking is enabled - ZP Appliances
      Users can choose the QR code option when logging in as a guest.
    • Hot desk reservations - ZP Appliances
      Users can reserve an available workspace from their current workspace. 

Resolved issues

  • Airhost not working on macOS Monterey - Mac
    Installing the Zoom Rooms Mac application will resolve this issue by disabling the Airplay receiver on MacOS Monterey and later versions.
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements

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