Release notes for April 13, 2022

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Release notes for Zoom IQ for Sales

  • Introducing Zoom IQ for Sales
    Zoom IQ for Sales analyzes sales meetings and deals to provide actionable insights for identifying opportunities, assessing risks, and ultimately enabling and improving sales team performance. It uses machine-learning algorithms to process post-meeting transcripts and deal progress data from Salesforce, generating insights for sales reps and managers.
    Zoom IQ’s analysis covers customers’ reactions, conversational and selling skills, customer pain points, competitors, deal risk metrics, and more. It also supports sales coaching for both new hire onboarding and experienced sales rep improvements.

Release notes for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

New and enhanced features

  • Remote camera control
    Support has been added for far end camera control.
  • VDI Statistics tab improvements
    The VDI tab in the Statistics dialog has been modified to provide more information about your VDI session. An additional indication status for missing or incompatible VDI Plugins shows when and why a session is running in fallback mode.

Resolved issues

  • Prevent audio from being shared during focus mode
    An issue where the audio from a focused share session could be heard when new participants joined has been fixed.
  • Display the Mute button in grid view
    Changing the display view to a grid for the side panel could result in the Mute option not being presented for all participants. Now, the Mute button is displayed for all participants.
  • Watermark flickering issues
    An issue where the watermark would flicker when being displayed on top of the video has been corrected.
  • Hide Virtual Background in settings when disabled by web
    For the Linux VDI Plugin, the virtual background selection tab was incorrectly being displayed when virtual backgrounds were disabled in web configuration. This issue has been resolved.
  • Certificate error message improvements
    Changes were made to indicate if certificate errors occurred for the VDI plugin client or the virtual desktop host.
  • Correct text displayed for Ask to Unmute or Unmute
    Text displayed for the unmute option was incorrect when using the Request permission to Unmute participants option. This issue has been resolved.
  • Improved HID support for Linux when connecting audio device during meeting
    An issue for Linux where HID buttons were not working when a HID device was connected during a meeting has been fixed.
  • Mute button state corrected for Linux
    When switching to speaker view and using Mute, the button state was incorrect for the Linux VDI plugin.
  • VDI color picker for the I have a green screen option
    A problem has been fixed where the dialog to pick a color for the I have a green screen option was not allowing the user to select a color if the dialog was opened while video was being displayed in a meeting.
  • Macintosh installer changes
    A change was made in the Macintosh package for the scripts run during installation to handle different shell script configurations.

Release notes for Web

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fix

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