Release notes for April 16, 2022

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Release notes for Zoom Contact Center

New and enhanced features

  • Administrator features
    • Dial in to video engagements
      Account owners and admins can set up how a third-party person can dial in from a phone to join an active video engagement by assigning a dial-in number. Agents can invite a third-party person to the active video call by sharing the dial-in information.
    • Add video to Waiting Room
      Account owners and admins can upload a video to display to customers in the Waiting Room for video engagements.
    • Enhancements to Waiting Room notifications
      Account owners and admins can customize the Waiting Room notification that’s sent to the customer when an agent is ready to start the video call. Admins can also set the notification time limit. The customer can join the video call within the notification time limit.
    • Enhancements to user management
      Account owners and admins with contact center user management privileges can’t remove themselves from this privilege, or change their role to one that doesn't have this privilege. This is being introduced to prevent admins from accidently losing access to contact center user management.
    • Enhancements to address book
      Account owners and admins can add multiple phone numbers and emails to address book contacts.
    • Real-time analytics for video engagements
      Account owners and admins can use the real-time analytics dashboard to view real-time metrics on video engagements and view associated engagement events.
    • Enhancements to engagement log
      The engagement log has several enhancements to provide more context about voice and video events.
    • Enhancements to engagement metrics
      Engagement metrics in the real-time and historical dashboards are more accurate for voice call engagements that are routed through multiple queues.
    • Agent reports
      Account owners and admins can view information and export data for agent status changes.
    • Enhancements to time and date formats
      Times and dates are formatted depending on the user’s time and date settings in their profile. This enhancement applies to all times and dates in the Zoom Contact Center web portal and desktop client.
    • Enhancements to routing profiles logic
      There are several enhancements to routing profiles to add new routing methods and improve the experience of managing profiles:
      • Set prioritization rules for one or more specific customer group based on the following logic:
        • First In, First Out (FIFO): The earlier a customer joins the queue, the sooner they get served.
        • Top of the queue: The customers’ group jumps to the top of the queue.
        • Accumulating Priority: Customers accumulate priority as a linear function of their waiting time in the queue, at a rate that reflects their urgency or classification. Default rate is 10.
      • Prioritize specific customers based on attributes: New customer, Returning customer, and Release to queue.
      • When an agent is assigned to multiple queues with Consumer Routing Priority, priority customers will be served first. Same Priority customers will be served using FIFO.
      • If 2 customers have the same weight within the same queue at time of service, priorities based on highest priority and round robin.
      • Duplicate priorities are not allowed. Parameters will not display if they are already used in a priority.
    • Enhancements to flow editor
      When using the flow editor, account owners and admins are informed of the required dependency for the widget they are configuring. For example, they will see a tooltip to add a queue when configuring the Route To widget.
    • Enhancements to flow editor debug tool
      There are several enhancements when debugging a flow to help account owners and admins identify errors:
      • Each error has a count of when a customer has experienced that particular error, and a timestamp of the most recent occurrence of a customer experiencing the error.
      • If applicable, each error indicates the result of the customer experience from the error; for example, being disconnected from the call.
      • Each error can be linked to.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes

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