Opting-out of SMS/MMS sent from Zoom Phone

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As a customer of Zoom Phone, the SMS/MMS opt-out feature is automatically enabled for all of your SMS enabled phone numbers when you create a campaign. With the new 10DLC rules, you need to give your customers the ability to opt-out of receiving text messages from your Zoom Phone numbers. This means that your customer can stop and restart text messages communication at any time.

Note: Currently Zoom doesn’t provide an SMS template to notify the mobile carrier user that they can opt-out. As best practice, you can have your Zoom Phone end users to append a message like the followings:

  • You can respond with STOP to stop receiving messages from this number.
  • Respond with STOP to opt-out.

This article covers:

How can your customer opt-out of receiving text messages?

When receiving a text message from your organization, your customer can simply respond by typing STOP to reply to your message.


  • This will opt them out from receiving text messages from the specific Zoom Phone number that was responded to, and no other SMS/MMS messages can be sent to that phone number.
  • Other numbers in your account will still be able to send messages to that phone number unless the recipient opt-out of receiving messages from those numbers.

How can your customer opt-in to receiving text messages?

If your customer opted-out of receiving text messages from your organization, to start receiving messages again, they can simply respond to the same thread they opted-out from.

Example of opting-out/in of SMS/MMS messages

An SMS/MMS message sent from a Zoom Phone Customer user A to a mobile phone user B:

  • User A sends an SMS message to mobile phone user B.
  • User B wants to stop SMS messages from user A, so user B responds by typing STOP.
  • User A can no longer send SMS messages to user B until B responds back to user A.

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