Address book fields for contacts

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Agents can customize these fields when using the Profile tab to add or edit a contact.

Admin and supervisors can also customize these address book fields when using the Zoom web portal to add or edit a contact.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for adding or editing a contact

  • Using Zoom desktop client: Zoom desktop client for Windows or macOS, 5.9.3 or higher
  • Using Zoom web portal: Account owner or admin privileges
  • Pro, Business, or Education account
  • Zoom Contact Center license

Required fields

  • Display name: The customer's display name.
  • Phone number: The customer's caller ID number. Click Add Number to add more phone numbers.
  • Email: The customer's email address. Click Add Email to add more email addresses.
  • Address book: The address book that the caller belongs to. You can assign multiple address books to the user. Address books are determined by your admin.

Optional fields

  • Location (Optional)
  • Account number (Optional)
  • Company (Optional)
  • Role (Optional)

Note: If you see other fields that's not covered in this article, they are custom address book variables.

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