Agent status metrics glossary

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The following list defines agent status metrics available in Zoom Contact Center agents reports and queue analytics. You can also view definitions for voice/video or chat/SMS metrics.

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Prerequisites for viewing contact center metrics

  • Account owner, admin, supervisor, or agent role; or relevant privilege
  • Pro, Business, or Education account
  • Zoom Contact Center license

Status metrics

These metrics display the current number and percentage of agents in each status. Agents can change their availability status in the Zoom desktop client.

  • Occupied (auto set and not selectable by agents): Agents in the Occupied status. This status is automatically set when they're in the following scenarios. They will not receive inbound notifications.
    • In an active engagement (including if the engagement is placed on hold)
    • In the wrap-up duration 
  • Occupied %: The percentage of the Online time in Occupied status.
  • Offline: Agents that are signed out of Zoom Contact Center and are unavailable to receive inbound engagements or initiate outbound engagements. 
  • Online: The total duration of all agents signed in to Zoom Contact Center. This is calculated as the sum of the ReadyNot Ready, and Occupied status durations.
  • Not Ready: Agents that set their status to Not Ready. Unavailable to receive inbound calls. They will be opted out of all queues they're a member of and will not receive inbound engagements. 
    Note: This also includes agents that select a custom Not Ready reason for being unavailable; for example, Break or Outbound Calls. Metrics for specific custom Not Ready reasons are not viewable in contact center analytics and reports.
  • Not Ready %: The percentage of the Online time spent in the Not Ready status.
  • Ready: Agents in the Ready status. This means they are available to receive inbound engagements for queues they're a member of and have opted in. They will receive inbound notifications from these queues.
  • Ready %: The percentage of the Online time spent in the Ready status.
  • Total Agents: The total number of members in the selected call queue.
  • Utilization %: Occupied hours / Ready hours

Sub-status metrics

These sub-statuses are for reporting purposes only and are exclusively available in agent reports. Agents cannot view their occupied sub-status in the Zoom desktop client.

  • Dialing: Agent is in the process of making an outbound voice call or SMS message.
  • Ringing: Zoom Contact Center is notifying the agent of an inbound engagement; or the agent is making an outbound call is waiting for the consumer to answer.
  • Force: The status was automatically set.
  • Holding: Agent placed the consumer on hold during a voice engagement.
  • Inbound: Agent is handling an inbound engagement.
  • Outbound: Agent is handling an outbound engagement.
  • Transferring out: Agent is in the process of transferring a call using warm transfer.
  • Transferring in: Agent is receiving a warm transfer.
  • Wrapping up: Agent is in the wrap-up duration
  • Custom statuses: If set by the admin, you will also see custom statuses that agents selected.

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