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Zoom Events leads the way in hosting virtual events. As more events are held virtually with higher numbers of attendance, Zoom Events Profiles connect users so they can build their network while attending virtual events.

While attending events, you can other like-minded people who attend the same industry events, experience the same expositions, and learn at the same lectures as you. Zoom Events Profiles let you see—and to be seen—at a quick glance so that you can socialize and network with others more easily in the events you are attending with your peers, enabling you to expand your professional and personal contacts to a global scale.

You can also show and express your support someone's profile by "applauding" and "liking" certain parts of their profile, such as their interests and education background; the number of applauds and likes received will be indicated. You can only give a maximum of 10 “applause” per person, and something fun happens if you give the full 10 applauds to a person.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using Zoom Events networking and profiles

Understand Zoom Events Profile

Understand Zoom Events networking Trust and Safety

Zoom takes Trust and Safety seriously. Our Acceptable Use Guidelines—as well as our article on Zoom Events networking and profile terms—provide a transparent view of how your Zoom Events profile is used and the controls you have to manage how your profile is presented to the public.

Understand Zoom Events Profile terminology

Your information—as listed on your Zoom Events Profile—is displayed to others using these terms:

  • Zoom Events profile
  • Profile Card
  • Public
  • Private

Frequently asked questions about Zoom Events profiles

Are Zoom Events profiles mandatory?

No, but completing your profile makes it easier for you to network with others as you’re attending events.

Can I create a profile if I don't have a Zoom Events account?

If you do not have a Zoom Events account, you can create a basic profile after you join an event as a guest user. Basic profiles allow for an avatar, the guest user's first and last name, their company name and their role, and an email address to be added. In addition, attendees using a basic profile can set their profile mode.

The limitations of basic profiles include the following:

  • Basic profiles are deleted after an event ends. Guest users must create a basic profile each time they join an event if they want to have a basic profile for that event.
  • Basic profile settings and preferences must be set each time a basic profile is created for an event.
  • Guest users cannot connect with—either send or receive invitations to—event attendees who have a Zoom Events account.

When can I complete my Zoom Events profile?

Sign in to Zoom Events at any time to create your profile.

How do I edit my profile information?

After signing into Zoom Events, you’ll be taken to your profile page and you can edit your profile from there.

What can I do from my profile?

When you view your own profile, it will act like a dashboard to provide you with information and quick access to the following:

  • Events dashboard
    • View past and upcoming events
    • View recordings from past events
  • Connections manager
    • Browse and manage your existing and pending connections
    • Manage a list of blocked connections
  • Profile manager
    • See a preview of what your user profile looks like to other users
    • Edit your profile
    • Manage your Zoom Events networking preferences

Who can see my profile information?

Users who are signed into Zoom Events will be able to see your basic profile information. However, only your Zoom Events connections will be able to see your contact information—identified by an eye-off icon —when you are completing your profile.

What if I don’t want my profile displayed at every event?

You can change your mode to Hide Me at any time during an event.

Does my Zoom Events profile carry over into Zoom meetings?

No, your Zoom Events profile is only used for networking in Zoom Events.

Can I see who viewed my profile?

No, and other users cannot see if you have viewed their profile.

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