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Your Zoom Events profile lets other attendees of the event see who you are and how social you want to be. This article goes over the terminology used in your profile when you are networking and chatting.

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Prerequisites for using Zoom Events networking and profiles

Profile terminology

  • Zoom Events profile: Your Zoom Events profile allows you to update your user information. Some of this information is displayed to other users, such as your name and job title.
  • Profile Card: A quick preview of profile information displayed in multiple locations to facilitate networking.
  • Public: If you choose to complete your Zoom Events profile, your basic information (e.g. name, profile picture, position & company) will be visible to other Zoom Events participants.
  • Private: Your contact information (e-mail, phone number, etc.) is never shared unless you accept another attendee's request to connect with you or your connection request is accepted by the receiving attendee. If you accept the connection request or the connection request you send is accepted, then you and the connected attendee will both be able to see each other's contact information—as if you traded business cards. Your profile will be visible to your connections whenever they are signed in to Zoom Events.

Event profile modes

  • Simply Exploring: Your avatar will not display a green ring to let others know you are focused on the event, but that you will approach other attendees when you’re ready to. Your public profile will be displayed in public areas e.g. lobby chat and the event attendee directory.
  • Feeling Social: Your avatar will display a green ring to let people know you are open to others conversing and networking with you. In addition, your public profile will be displayed in public areas e.g. lobby chat and the event attendee directory.
  • Hide Me: Your public profile will be hidden from public areas e.g. lobby chat and the event attendee directory. Only your display name and initials will be displayed when you participate in events. Other attendees will not be able to find and interact with you unless you initiate contact e.g. you send a message in public chats.

Networking terminology

  • Event Directory: A list of registered event participants who have elected to display their profile cards for networking.
  • Connect: The act of agreeing to add another user to your connections, allowing you to see each other’s contact information and keep track of which event you met in. Think of this as trading digital business cards. If you are both connected you can see each other’s contact information and maintain a list of connections in your profile contacts.
  • Unconnect: Revoking an existing connection and removing them from your connections list. The user you unconnect from will not be able to see your information anymore, and you will not appear as a contact in their profile contacts.

Chat terminology

  • Public Chats (lobbies): These chats are open to anyone who is registered for the event. Anyone in the chat can read the messages sent within the chat.
  • 1:1 Chat: These chats are private and between the two people involved. Only the two people in the chat can read the messages.

Security and privacy terminology

  • Report user: This lets you report any improper user behavior to Zoom and to event organizers.
  • Block: This lets you block any user; this user will not have any access to your profile and will not be able to interact with you at all.

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