Using the new companion whiteboard in a Zoom Room

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An additional Zoom Rooms for Touch device can be deployed in a regular Zoom Room for use as a companion whiteboard. This is useful for rooms with multiple screens that could benefit from having a touchscreen for interactive whiteboarding and annotating during a screenshare. A Zoom Rooms Controller controls the Zoom Room, whereas the additional Zoom Rooms for Touch device is used for whiteboard and screensharing only. 

Note: The new companion whiteboard includes features from Zoom Whiteboard, and is separate from the classic companion whiteboard. 

This article covers:

Companion whiteboard prerequisites

  • Zoom Rooms for Appliances version 5.10.6 or higher
    • Supported on Neat Board devices only
    • Zoom Whiteboard enabled on the account

Zoom Rooms system prerequisites

  • Zoom Rooms for Appliances version 5.10.3 or higher
  • Zoom Rooms for Windows 5.10.3 or higher
  • Zoom Rooms for Mac 5.10.3 or higher

How to set up a companion whiteboard

Before setting up a companion whiteboard, make sure you have a system that supports companion whiteboard

After setting up a Zoom Room display, you can add a companion whiteboard:

  1. Sign in to Zoom Rooms for Touch on the companion whiteboard device.
  2. Select the Zoom Room you want to add the companion whiteboard to, then click Next.
    Note: Make sure to select a room that has a Zoom Rooms display set up.
  3. Tap Companion Whiteboard.
    Zoom Rooms will connect the device to the selected room and display the whiteboard. When the companion whiteboard isn't active, it will display a screensaver.

How to use the whiteboard tools 

The whiteboard tools available for use are located on the left side of the screen. To activate a tool, click its icon. Once selected, the mouse cursor will change  to indicate the current tool mode. For most controls, clicking on the canvas will then create an object of that type. If using the select tool, you will be able to select one or more objects and change their properties.

Note: For a detailed description of the whiteboard tools, see the user guide.

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