Release notes for June 6, 2022

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Release notes for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Version 5.10.6

Changes to existing features

  • Additional error message for Statistics VDI tab
    A new error message can be displayed for the VDI Connection Error status. If a problem is detected when trying to open the virtual channel to connect to the plugin, the condition will be reported as Virtual Channel denied. This error can occur when permissions have not been granted for the Zoom application to open a virtual channel.
  • Video message disabled
    A new feature added for the standard client that allows a video message to be posted in a chat is not available for the VDI client at this time. The feature has been disabled and will be added to a future release.

New and enhanced features

  • Support for Gesture Recognition
    Account owners and admins can enable or disable Gesture Recognition, which allows for visual hand gestures, such as a raised hand, to automatically display a corresponding meeting reaction. This feature currently supports Raise Hand and Thumbs Up reactions. This setting can be enabled and locked at the account and group levels. This setting is disabled at the client level by default; the user will still need to opt in to use this feature.
  • Display bandwidth limitations enforced by Web or GPO policies
    Users can now confirm if a policy has been applied to a client and what the policy enforces by visual confirmation of the policy and rules displayed within the Zoom Meeting client user interface. The new information is displayed in the VDI tab. The bandwidth limitations will indicate if the policy was applied from an IP range (web portal) configuration or a GPO policy. Bandwidth limitations for the VDI Plugin may be different when the limitations are based on IP address.
  • HID redirection based on HDX media optimization channel
    A new registry key option has been added to allocate a HID device for the Zoom Meeting client. For desktop installations where the Skype for Business plugin has been installed, the registry entry will use additional checks to determine if the Skype for Business application is also running. If Skype for Business is not running, Zoom will try to allocate HID functionality for devices that support HID.

Resolved issues

  • Apply bandwidth limitations based on IP address for both host and plugin
    Starting in version 5.9.6, bandwidth limits based on IP address were changed to request limits based only on the IP address of the client. This logic has been updated for VDI to also obtain limitations based on the IP address of the VDI Plugin.
  • Volume adjustment and distinctive tones for Zoom Phone
    Recent changes made for Zoom Phone in the standard client have been added to the VDI client and plugins to control volume and support distinctive ring tones.
  • Camera video not sent when user selects an alternate camera during a meeting
    A recent issue introduced in release 5.9.6 has been corrected, where switching to a second camera was not correctly sending the video for the change in input. This issue affected versions 5.9.6, 5.10.0, and 5.10.2.
  • Display polling questions for webinar participants
    An issue has been resolved where customers, who use the configuration option for the VDI plugin to locate the closest MMR (PingServerFromThinClient), potentially had issues displaying polling questions.
  • Use host location when installed on a machine without a plugin
    For customers who deploy the VDI Zoom Meeting client for both virtual desktops and physical devices, the location information used for Zoom Phone now uses the location of the physical machine.
  • Apply log file size limits based on compressed file size
    An enhancement was made for the logic that limits the size of log files to base the limit on the file size of the compressed file and not the raw data.
  • Zoom Events Lobby updated for gallery view
    When added to a Zoom Events lobby, the displayed text in gallery view has been updated to show “Zoom Events Lobby” to match what is displayed for speaker view.
  • Improvements to button location made for immersive view
    An issue where the button area for the full screen and exit options was g on the right side of the button has been fixed.
  • Continue displaying participant reactions when switching to speaker view
    When switching from gallery to speaker view, reactions displayed for participants in gallery view were no longer displayed. This has been corrected.
  • Update skin tone when switching back and forth between two settings
    An issue when changing skin tone back and forth between two settings has been resolved. Previously, if a reaction was not currently displayed, the change back to the previous tone was not applied.
  • Update the status for Follow Presenter’s Pointer when content is moved
    A fix was added to correctly deselect the Follow Presenter’s Pointer option if the presenter zoomed in and then moved the shared content.
  • Issues when downloading code snippets in recent releases
    A problem where downloading code snippets was not working has been fixed. The problem was introduced in version 5.9.6 and was previously resolved by manually adding a directory location. With this release, the directory is added automatically.
  • Edit custom video filters
    An issue has been corrected when using custom video filters from the web. Previously, after deleting and adding new filters, the displayed options could be incorrect after logging out and then logging back in.
  • Unable to obtain bandwidth values for plugin when using PingServerFromThinClient
    There was a correction made for VDI which can require obtaining bandwidth limits for both the IP address of the host and VDI Plugin. A recent change resulted in only the host client IP address being used.
  • Disable video messages in chat
    The VDI Zoom Meeting Client does not currently support the new feature to send a video message in a chat. The feature has been disabled. Support for the new feature has been added to the backlog list to be added later.
  • Log file size limit should apply to log file sizes after encryption and compression
    The function to limit the log file size has been updated to limit the log file size based on the size of the file, after the file has been both encrypted and compressed.
  • Display Dell ThinOS in the Statistics VDI tab
    The field for Client OS in the Statistics VDI tab displayed “Linux” when the plugin was running in a Dell ThinOS environment. The issue has been addressed to indicate the environment is ThinOS.
  • Changes to Linux View controls when using Immersive View in a webinar
    Webinar attendees using a Linux plugin were unable to use the View controls to enter or exit fullscreen mode when the webinar was changed to an Immersive View format.
  • Using HID to unmute a Plantronics C720 device on Linux ThinPro was not working
    A fix was implemented for HID support of the Plantronics C720 device when used with the Linux ThinPro VDI plugin. Users could use HID to mute audio, but the unmute HID operation was not working. The problem has been corrected.
  • Frozen share session when using Share Audio on Linux
    An issue has been fixed where selecting the Share Audio check box (to enable this option) could cause the share session to freeze.
  • Auto-select USB device by default when using a Linux VDI Plugin
    An improvement was made to select USB audio devices by default over an internal mic and speakers. This improvement is intended to provide users with an automatic selection of a headset device, particularly an HID device, as the first choice when there are multiple audio devices possible.
  • Correction for displayed username on top of the arrow for annotation with Linux
    An issue with the arrow annotation tool has been resolved. When the arrow annotation tool is selected to display more characters for the user’s name on top of the arrow, the user’s name now appears correctly.
  • Pop-up warning when an HID device is disconnected during a meeting for Linux
    A pop-up warning now appears if an HID device is disconnected during a meeting for Linux. Previously, if two HID devices were connected before joining a meeting, there was no indication that a device was removed during the meeting when using a Linux VDI plugin.
  • HID support for the Plantronics C-720 Mono device for Linux
    A problem has been corrected with HID support for mute/unmute functionality. Previously, the mute/unmute was not working correctly with the Plantronics C-720 device when using a Linux VDI Plugin.
  • Citrix Split Screen option not aligning with Meeting window for Windows VDI Plugin
    A fix was made to align the video overlay with the Meeting window when the Split Screen option is used for users with two monitors connected to their Windows device, used for their Citrix remote connection.
  • Mac Plugin update for latest VMware Horizon and M1 (ARM) support
    This release of the Mac Plugin has been updated to work with newer releases of the VMware Horizon client when using a Mac with an M1 chip.
  • Improvements when changing between full screen and window mode
    Some optimizations were made for the VMware platform and the Mac VDI Plugin when switching between window mode and full screen which could occasionally result in the loss of video.
  • Detect the first incoming call using an HID device with the Mac plugin
    Changes were made to the Mac plugin for an issue where the first incoming call was not detected by the default HID device.
  • Improvements for new Mac M1 models with newer screen designs
    Positioning issues for meeting video were fixed when using the latest Mac M1 models.
  • Improvement when applying a new picture for immersive view on Mac
    There was inconsistent behavior when adding a picture for immersive view. The new image would sometimes not apply the new image for the Mac. This has been corrected.
  • Jabra HID device and Mac Unable to Answer First Incoming Call
    There was an issue for the Mac where a combination of the Jabra PHS001U device and a Mac plugin used with VMware would not detect the first incoming call and allow the user to accept using the HID controls.

Release notes for Meeting Connector


Resolved issues

  • Security enhancement
  • Minor bug fix
  • Resolves an issue where admins received a DNS error when adding an external IP address after enabling Use domains and certificates managed by Zoom.

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