Release notes for July 5, 2022

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Release notes for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Version 5.11.0

New and enhanced features

  • In-meeting support for Whiteboard
    Zoom has redesigned the virtual whiteboarding experience to bring you the all-new Zoom Whiteboard, a cross-platform visual collaboration solution that’s built right into Zoom Meetings, the Zoom desktop client, and the Zoom web portal. Admins can restrict access to saving Whiteboards to the cloud for both in-meeting and out-of-meeting use, as well as exporting Whiteboard content.
  • Attendee Reactions: Full Mode Animation
    Account owners and admins can enable or disable the use of webinar reactions. If enabled, hosts can control when attendees and panelists can use reactions in webinars, similar to reactions in meetings. The stream of submitted reactions are displayed in the bottom-right corner of the main webinar window, visible to the host, panelists, and attendees. This setting is available at the account, group, and user level; and can be locked at the account or group level.
  • Apply GPO proxy configuration to VDI Plugin
    The VDI Plugin now uses proxy configuration provided through GPO settings. Previously, the VDI Plugin did not use proxy information provided through client configuration.
  • Universal Installer for Windows VDI plugins
    Zoom's VDI solution for Windows supports all three virtual desktop environments: Citrix, VMware, and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). The 3 installations for the Windows VDI plugin are now combined into a single installation package, which detects what supporting software has been installed (Citrix or VMware) to provide options for the user to select which platform they are installing for. The size of the installer will be reduced by removing the default virtual background files and filters. Previously, each platform required running a different Windows VDI Plugin installer.

Resolved issues

  • Apply microphone selection for original sound from dropdown menu
    When using music and professional audio, users could enable and disable the Original Sound status option but could not select a microphone input from the dropdown menu.
  • Test mic option not working in Linux
    A change was made to fix the option to test the selected microphone for audio configuration setup.
  • Audio lost after Mute/Unmute with type-c headset in Zoom Phone call
    A problem was found with the VDI support for Zoom Phone where using Mute and Unmute with a type-c headset was not correctly restoring audio output.
  • Adjust for screen differences using MacBook Pro with notch
    When using dual screen mode with a later MacBook Pro model that includes a notch, there was a slight window offset issue for the video display that has been corrected.
  • Update green screen for new color selection
    When a user selected a color to be used for a green screen, the color would not update. The green default color continued to be used. Now, the user’s color selection is updated. This problem affected both Mac and Windows; it has been fixed.
  • Display Mute/Unmute option for Linux when participant is moved out of Immersive View
    For the Linux VDI Plugin, there was an issue where the option to Mute or Unmute was not displayed in the top right corner of a participant’s video. The Mute/Unmute option would not appear when the participant was moved out of an immersive view meeting and when their video appeared in the film strip.
  • Update video mode after removing a pin or spotlight on a participant
    The behavior when using Pin or Spotlight has been updated to return the video layout to the user’s original view (before using the option). Previously, if the Pin or Spotlight option was used for a participant while in Gallery View, the view would change to Speaker View; when removing the pin or spotlight, the view continued to display in Speaker View. Now, the view will revert back to Gallery View.
  • Support BSSID for “Allowed Calling Locations”
    An improvement was made to support emergency calling locations when using a VDI Zoom Meeting Client that runs without a virtual connection as a local physical Windows machine.
  • Prevent computer audio from being sent when using Focus Mode
    An issue has been fixed where computer audio was still being sent to other participants after a host used Focus Mode.
  • Frozen video after opening Video settings and then joining a meeting
    After opening and selecting settings from the Video tab in the client, the video stream would not update correctly for the meeting video upon starting a meeting. This issue has been fixed.
  • Pixelated screen share sessions
    An issue has been fixed where some specific applications were displaying pixelated content when a VDI user shared their desktop.

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