Viewing Zoom Contact Center storage reports

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Account owners and admins can view the storage log to see how much recording storage agents are using for cloud recordings and media assets. You can view storage usage over time, total amount of storage used, and view user-level details to see who has high usage.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for viewing storage reports

How to view storage reports

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Account Management then Reports.
  3. Click Contact Center.
  4. Click the Storage tab.
  5. Click the Cloud Recordings tab for cloud recording usage, or the Assets Library tab for asset library usage.
  6. Use the following options to filter data:
    • From / To: Specify the time period for the report.
  7. (Optional) Click Export to save the currently-displayed data as a CSV file.

Information in the storage reports

Account Usage chart: Displays the change in the amount of contact center storage usage over the specific time period. Hover over the line to display the usage amount for a specific day.

Daily report section: Displays the following.

  • Date: The date that the cloud recording was made, or the assets was added to the asset library.
  • Total Usage: The total amount of storage used and the number of files in the associated day. Click the embedded link to view details.
  • Total Duration (only visible if you're on the Cloud Recordings tab): The total duration (hh:mm:ss) of the cloud recordings for associated day.

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