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Updates to web settings controlling Zoom Whiteboard, as well as new and enhanced out-of meeting Zoom Whiteboard features, are tracked here.

For tracking new and enhanced in-meeting Zoom Whiteboard features, refer to the release notes for the desktop clients: Windows | macOS | Linux 

Upcoming Release

Details about upcoming releases will be posted as they become available.


Current Release

September 18, 2022

Changes to existing features

  • Change to comment panel and creation process 
    Opening the Comments panel in a Whiteboard will no longer automatically switch cursor clicks to creating comments on the canvas. The Comments panel can remain open while reviewing comments, panning and scrolling around the canvas, and adjusting objects. Comments can be added by first clicking the new Add Comment button in the comment panel or through the right-click menu.

New and enhanced features

  • Administrator features
    • Bulk whiteboard admin management 
      Admins can manage whiteboards in bulk, adding the ability to delete, restore, change owners, and lock or unlock multiple whiteboards at once. They can also filter whiteboards by owners, inactive whiteboards, whiteboards shared externally, and whiteboards created in the specified period.
    • Public template management 
      Admins can manage public templates by viewing and publishing or un-publishing public templates.
  • User features
    • Additional canvas view controls 
      Users have additional controls over their view of an open whiteboard, including the ability to hide the grid and comments as necessary.
    • Control points for connector lines 
      When creating connector lines in a diagram, users can edit control points to anchor the line in that position. This can help the designer guide the connector line along the specific path needed in the diagram. Users can create up to 30 straight line or elbow connector control points to a single connector line.
    • Whiteboard comments support for @ mentions 
      Comments on a whiteboard can include @ mentions of specific users that already have shared access.
    • Localized Whiteboard menus and UI 
      Zoom Whiteboards interface has been localized into all currently supported languages.
    • Crop images on whiteboard 
      When images are uploaded to the canvas, in addition to adjusting the size, users can also crop the image to remove unwanted parts.
    • Export current or all whiteboard pages to PDF 
      Users are able to choose if they want to export the current page or all whiteboard pages to PDF including comments.
    • Create a personal template 
      Users can create their own personal template from the page content and choose a template name, description, and tags. Users need to have a pro license to use this feature.
    • Mind Map support 
      Users can create a mind map which is a visual diagram used to organize thoughts that stem from a central idea.
    • New table controls for whiteboard 
      The new table controls help the users organize, group, sort, and scale contents easily in Whiteboard tables and give them the ability to add, remove, and manipulate columns and rows.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements

Previous Releases

Note: The information in the past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes. Please review all current release notes carefully.

August 21, 2022

New and enhanced features

  • User features 
    • Zoom Whiteboard localization for all supported languages
      The Zoom Whiteboard out-of-meeting menus and UI have been localized when you have your language set to any of the currently supported languages in your Zoom Profile.
    • Object and canvas context menus
      When an object or the Whiteboard canvas is right-clicked, a context menu is provided, containing typical actions based on the context, such as copy, paste, duplicate, add comment, and options to adjust order of layers (bring to front, send to back, etc).
    • Rich-text options for text objects
      Text objects, sticky notes, and shapes can be more finely formatted with additional rich-text options, including bold, italics, underline, font size, bulleted and numbered lists, and more.
    • Enhanced More menu for out-of-meeting desktop client experience
      The out-of-meeting Whiteboard experience on the desktop client has added additional options to the More menu, which are already available in the out-of-meeting Whiteboard experience through the web portal. These options includeVersion History,Leave Feedback,Help, andReport.
    • Change arrow-heads on lines
      When a line is placed on the Whiteboard, the type of line can be edited after being placed from the line context menu. This allows the user to add or remove arrow-heads on either or both ends of the line.
    • Connector line enhancements: Dot endpoint and elbow joints
      Connecting lines between objects have the additional dot option for the endpoints, which already include arrows. Additionally, connector lines are no longer limited to straight and curved lines, as they can also be changed to have a 90° elbow joint.
    • Enhanced collaboration cursors
      Whiteboard users can see the name and cursor location of other users while they co-edit a whiteboard in real time. Users have the option to hide collaborators' cursors to limit distractions.
    • Last editor shown on Dashboard
      The Modified column of the Whiteboard dashboard shows the name and time of the last editor on a particular whiteboard.
    • Zoom Whiteboard enhancement for Slack integration
      When a user requests access to a Whiteboard, the owner of the Whiteboard receives a notification in Slack. The owner can quickly grant access to the Whiteboard from Slack.
    • Zoom Whiteboard enhancements for Teams integration
      When a user requests access to a Whiteboard, the owner of the Whiteboard receives a notification in Teams. The owner can quickly grant access to the Whiteboard from within Teams. Additionally, users can easily access their Whiteboards in the Zoom extension and share a Whiteboard. They can also create a new Whiteboard and share it from within Teams.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes

July 17, 2022

New and enhanced features

  • Administrator features
    • Whiteboard Management enhancement for trashed Whiteboards
      Admins can move their users’ Whiteboard in and out of the trash, as well as permanently delete a Whiteboard from the trash.
    • Pre-set in-meeting Whiteboard access
      Users can adjust the default behavior of who can begin sharing a Whiteboard in a meeting (host only or all participants), as well as who can interrupt a participant's Whiteboard (host only or all participants). This option is available at the account, group, and user levels, and can be locked at the account or group level. This can also be configured during a live meeting.
    • Change owner of Zoom Whiteboards
      Account admins can manually change the owner of a Zoom Whiteboard through Whiteboard Management. This requires Edit access for the Zoom Whiteboard Management role.
  • User features
    • Enhanced copy-pasting
      When copying and pasting an object from your system clipboard, the object will be pasted onto the Zoom Whiteboard at the current cursor location.
    • Additional shapes and enhanced shape creation
      Additional shapes are available for Whiteboard, including pentagons, hexagons, octagons, hearts, arrows, clouds, and stars. Additionally, after a shape is selected from the toolbar, clicking on the canvas will post the default size for that shape, while clicking-and-dragging allows you to create that shape with a custom size.
    • Change connector lines between objects
      When objects are placed on the Whiteboard and a connecting line or arrow is created, the type of line can be edited after being placed from the connector context menu, as well as the ability to add or remove an arrow to either end of the connecting line.
    • Enhanced Whiteboard link previews for the Teams and Slack integration
      The Zoom app in Slack and Microsoft Teams now provides a preview of the Whiteboard when shared as a link. A notification is also sent to users in Slack or Teams when a whiteboard is shared with them in Zoom.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes

June 19, 2022

New and enhanced features

  • User features
    • Add additional shapes for Zoom Whiteboard 
      Additional shapes can be created to facilitate flow charts, data flow diagrams, and organization charts. These shapes can be added and edited in the out-of-meeting Whiteboard experience.
    • Whiteboard Templates 
      Templates can be used to create a whiteboard and or inserted on existing whiteboards while out of meeting. Whiteboards with templates can be viewed in-meeting. This feature will not be immediately available, as it is dependent on a backend server update scheduled for June 29.

April 17, 2022

  • Introducing: Zoom Whiteboard 
    We’ve redesigned our virtual whiteboarding experience to bring you the all-new Zoom Whiteboard, a cross-platform visual collaboration solution that’s built right into Zoom Meetings, the Zoom desktop client, and the Zoom web portal. With Zoom Whiteboard, you can brainstorm and collaborate on a persistent, expandable, digital canvas. In-person and remote teams can ideate from Zoom-enabled devices, providing you and your team with the intuitive features you need to collaborate.

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