Comparing Zoom Events sponsorship tiers

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Zoom Events supports the Platinum, Gold, and Silver default sponsorship tiers. Sponsors have the ability to showcase their products and engage with attendees with sponsor booths in expo. On the expo floor, attendees can enter a product booth and network with sponsors. These sponsorship tiers have different features and limitations that may be relevant to specific sponsors.

Event organizers can compare the different sponsorship features offered by each tier as well as customize the name of each tier.

Prerequisites for managing sponsorship tiers

  • Zoom desktop client
    • Windows: 5.8.6 or higher
    • macOS: 5.8.6 or higher
  • Zoom mobile client
    • iOS: 5.8.6 or higher
    • Android: 5.8.6 or higher
  • Pro, Business, Enterprise, or Education account
  • Zoom Events license

Note: For access to the latest Zoom Events and Webinar features, we strongly recommend hosts to update to the latest version of the Zoom desktop client/mobile application.

Full sponsorship tier comparison

Feature Platinum Gold Silver
Sponsor name and logo
Sponsor description
Analytics and reporting
Privacy policy

Supports expo
Expo booth size Large Medium Small
Eligible booth spaces Up to 4 Up to 2 1
Sponsor representatives Up to 20 Up to 20 Up to 20
Sponsored sessions  
Sponsor chat  
Sponsor video 1 1  
Sponsor images Up to 5 Up to 3  
Downloadable PDFs Up to 5 Up to 5  

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