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Upcoming Releases

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September 28, 2022

New and enhanced features

  • User features
    • Support for Workspace Reservation on mobile apps
      Workspace Reservation’s mobile app integration allows users to reserve workspaces from their mobile device and the Zoom mobile app. Workspace Reservation includes the following features for users on mobile devices:
      • Reserve workspaces before coming into the office
      • Find available seats/rooms based on the specific time period users want to reserve
      • Select the location the users will visit to display the relevant floor map. Once a map is opened, it will save as a default location, and users will always have the option to switch to another floor/default location.
      • Click a reservation to view its location on the floor map and view where others are sitting.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes

Current Release

September 17, 2022

New and enhanced features

  • General features
    • Workspace email confirmation and reminders
      Admins and users can enable or disable workspace email and reminder notifications. When enabled, users can receive emails:
      • When a new reservation is created
      • When a user has an upcoming reservation within 24 hours
      • When an existing reservation is canceled
      • When an existing reservation is updated (location/date/time)
    • Enhancements to desk recommendation
      There are several enhancements to improve the experience of desk recommendations for users. Users can select a timeframe and select if they want to use the available desk recommendations.
  • Admin features
    • Import a CSV file of workspaces
      Account owners and admins can now upload workspaces in batches by importing a CSV file (up to 1,000 in one file). Previously, account owners and admins had to individually create workspaces; admins now have either option.
    • Include photos of workspaces
      Account owners and admins can upload a photo of a workspace and include it with the workspace information for users to view.
    • Add workspace capacity
      Account owners and admins can add or edit a workspace’s capacity on the Zoom web portal. This will be visible to users to see and filter when looking for a workspace to reserve.
    • Show reserved user’s name and department when clicking on a workspace
      Account owners and admins can allow users to see the reserved user’s name and department when users click a reserved workspace. The user’s name will also appear when you hover over the workspace.
    • Search for workspaces
      Account owners and admins can search for workspaces by workspace name in the Workspace Management section of the Zoom web portal.
    • Export workspace information
      Account owners and admins can export and download a file with information of all the workspaces on their Workspace Reservation account.
    • Enhancements to the Dashboard User & Workspace report
      There are several enhancements to improve the usefulness and clarity of Workspace Reservation reports from the Zoom Dashboard. The User & Workspace report now includes columns for Workspace Name, Check In/Check Out Time (of a reservation), and User Department; the Usage column has been removed from this report. Additionally, the Workspace Daily report now includes columns for Workspace Type (Room/Desk) and includes room data; this report can now be downloaded from Workspace Reservation Rate.
    • Ability to move a workspace within the location hierarchy
      Account owners and admins can transfer a workspace to a different floor on the location hierarchy in Workspace Reservation by assigning it to a different location. Previously, workspaces had to be deleted and recreated on a different floor.
  • User features
    • Display when frequent collaborators are in the office
      When selecting a date for a workspace reservation, users can view when colleagues, who they frequently collaborate with, are in the office. Users can add their frequent collaborators to a list. Additionally, when users select a date, a list of their starred contacts who will be in the office will appear. This helps users choose when to come into the office, based on the schedules of their colleagues.
    • View and filter workspace capacity
      When booking a workspace, users can view the capacity of that workspace. Users can also filter workspaces by capacity and the number of seats available.
    • View a user’s name on a floor map
      When a user hovers their mouse over a reserved desk, they can view the contact card of the user who reserved that desk. When a user clicks the workspace, they will see the user’s name and department. This feature must be enabled by the account admin.
  • Developer features
    • Workspace APIs
      New Workspace Reservation APIs are available for developers in the [Zoom Developer Program]. With these APIs, developers can use these to check in and out of reservations. The following API is available:
      • Check in/Check out API: Set up check in/check out for reservations

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Resolved an issue where reservations with no check-ins for reservation-only rooms and desks were not released if the setting was enabled.

Previous Releases

July 28, 2022

New and enhanced features

  • Workspace Reservation General Availability
    Workspace Reservation allows users to reserve workspaces in the office. Users can easily reserve available desks or meeting spaces at the office, or on the Virtual Receptionist Kiosk, Zoom Rooms for Touch devices, or the Zoom web portal. Workspace Reservation provides QR code check-in to desks with or without Zoom-enabled devices, interactive maps, and desk occupancy status. Admins and account owners can set up the workspaces, upload a floor map, and have a live view of available and reserved spaces displayed for wayfinding on a Kiosk and/or through Digital Signage.

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