Release notes for July 28, 2022

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Release notes for Workspace Reservation

New and enhanced features

  • Workspace Reservation General Availability
    Workspace Reservation allows users to reserve workspaces in the office. Users can easily reserve available desks or meeting spaces at the office, or on the Virtual Receptionist Kiosk, Zoom Rooms for Touch devices, or the Zoom web portal. Workspace Reservation provides QR code check-in to desks with or without Zoom-enabled devices, interactive maps, and desk occupancy status. Admins and account owners can set up the workspaces, upload a floor map, and have a live view of available and reserved spaces displayed for wayfinding on a Kiosk and/or through Digital Signage.

Release notes for Web

Resolved issues

  • Resolved an issue regarding Chrome web extension users being automatically logged out

Release notes for Zoom IQ for Sales

New and enhanced features

  • Administrator features
    • Access to delete conversations
      Added capability for Zoom IQ Admins to search and delete conversations so they can address privacy and security concerns within the organization.
  • User features
    • Competitors and features in conversation metrics
      To understand how you perform against the competition and capture valuable feedback on your product’s features, competitors and features are added to the conversation metrics.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Resolved issue with missing analytics data for conversation
  • Resolved issue with deal owner’s setting changes not taking effect on imported mail visibility
  • Resolved an issue where the All Conversations page shows no data when the Stage during Conversation is used

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