Release notes for September 2, 2022

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Release notes for Zoom Contact Center

New and enhanced features

  • Solvvy chat bot integration
    Account owners and admins can integrate Zoom Contact Center with Solvvy to enable consumers to interact with Solvvy chat bots.

Release notes for Zoom IQ for Sales

New and enhanced features

  • Administrator features
    • Focus Terms
      Account owners and admins can configure specific terms and proper nouns such as company names that appear often in conversations to improve the performance of IQ’s transcription service.
    • Exclusion list for email integration
      Account owners and admins can configure an exclusion list to prevent emails from being imported for specific individuals in their organization.
    • Control mail visibility based on roles
      Account owners and admins can control who can view email content based on a user’s role.
    • Support for Audit log functionality
      Account owners and admins can access audit logs for changes made to Account Settings, comments, clips, and playlists.
  • User features
    • Added Meeting Summary and Smart Chapters
      Quickly gain insights into the meeting with the help of Meeting Summary and Smart Chapters. This feature generates an automated text summary of each chapter and the entire meeting as well as thumbnails for each detected chapter.
    • Search Conversations with featured Callouts
      Users can easily search through Conversations with the help of suggested callouts such as Good Questions, Next Steps, and Filler Words.
    • Display cover image in recording player
      Users will see part of the recording rather than a black image as the recording’s cover image.
    • Transcript pane optimization
      When accessing Conversations, the timestamp is now beside the speaker’s name. The Transcript tab was renamed to Content, and an additional Screen Text option has been added, to show texts displayed during screen share.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Resolved an issue where generated conversation status for recorded meetings always appears as Processing Analysis
  • Resolved an issue where the number of conversations on the Deal page appears with a negative value
  • Resolved an issue with the page timing out when importing domains for automatic recording settings
  • Resolved an issue where Team Members list does not display on the Conversations page
  • Resolved an issue where all phone recordings will not display clips.

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