Release notes for September 16, 2022

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Release notes for Zoom IQ for Sales

New and enhanced features

  • Administrator features
    • Configure Indicators
      Account owners and admins can set up specific words, phrases, or sentences in recording transcripts, also known as Indicators, to capture critical moments in conversations.
    • Report keywords that already exist in other Indicators
      When account owners and admins attempt to add a keyword that already exists in other Indicators, the system will inform them by highlighting that keyword. A tooltip will also show which Indicators that keyword is already added to. Account owners and admins will still be able to save the changes without an error.
  • User features
    • View Indicators in Analytics
      Quickly In the Analytics tab, users can view how frequently an Indicator appears across conversations on an account, team, or user level. The Indicators appear in the tab that corresponds to their selected category upon configuration. Users can also drill down into specific conversations when clicking on an Indicators chart object.
    • Subscribe to Indicators in Dashboard and Analytics
      Users can subscribe to specific Indicators that will alert them via email when a phrase or noteworthy moment appears in a conversation. The cadence of these emails can be configured by the user upon subscription. The Dashboard tab will also show the most recent conversations that include subscribed Indicators.
    • Email notification when Indicators is deleted
      Users subscribed to Indicators will be notified via email when that Indicators is deleted.
    • Email notification when Indicators keyword is deleted
      Users subscribed to a keyword will be notified via email when that keyword is deleted.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Resolved an issue where the data for Good Questions are displayed incorrectly in the Dashboard, Conversations, and Analytics
  • Resolved an issue where the option to mark content as Topic appears even when the Topic Mentioned is not configured
  • Resolved an issue where Internal Server Error appears in Analytics when using Advanced Filters By Team
  • Resolved an issue where Conversations does not display clips
  • Resolved an issue with Topic mentions displayed repeatedly
  • Resolved an issue where Filler Words are not highlighted in the Content Transcript
  • Resolved an issue where the total number of Good Questions is not displayed in Conversations

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