Accessing Zoom IQ for Sales Summary and Smart Chapters

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Once the recording has been processed and analyzed, you can review the recording and associated metrics. With the help of Summary and Smart Chapters, you can quickly gain insights into the meeting. This feature generates an automated text summary of each chapter and the entire meeting as well as thumbnails for each detected chapter.

Prerequisites for using Zoom IQ for Sales Summary and Smart Chapters

  • Business or Enterprise account
  • Licensed user with Zoom IQ license

Limitations for Zoom IQ for Sales

  • Zoom IQ only supports analytics for meetings in English.
  • Zoom IQ only analyzes meetings that last longer than 5 minutes and contain external participants. This is determined by the participants' email domain. This can be enabled as needed for other meetings, as a separate cloud recording option.
  • Zoom IQ only analyzes new meetings, as recording consent must be provided by external participants. The Zoom IQ recording consent disclaimer can be customized just as the standard recording consent disclaimer.

How to access meeting Summary and Smart Chapters

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Zoom IQ for Sales then Conversations.
  3. Click a conversation from the list that you wish to view.
  4. Click the Conversation tab.

    From this tab, you will see both the Summary and Smart Chapters.

    • Summary
      • Contains a text summary of your meeting
      • Hover over SUMMARY to show the overlapping rounded square icon   to copy and pencil icon  to edit the summary.
      • Allows a maximum of 20000 words
    • Smart Chapters
      • Contains a chapter title, a text summary for each chapter, and a snapshot of a chapter moment. Select a particular chapter to reveal the text summary for that chapter and also highlight it on the play track. By default, the first chapter is selected and three chapters are displayed at a time. Click the right-facing triangle inside a circle icon  to view the additional chapters.
      • Hover over SMART CHAPTERS to show the pencil icon  to edit the Smart Chapters segments, Chapter Category, and Chapter Label.
      • Click on a Smart Chapter segment to add or edit the chapter summary where you can use a maximum of 1000 words.

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