Frequently asked questions about Now Virtual Agent app

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The following are answers to some of the most common questions or problems users come across when installing Now Virtual Agent.

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Why am I unable to see the Install button page for the Zoom Team Chat integration?

If the Zoom Team Chat Integration > Installation page is not accessible, ensure that you have first installed the Conversational Integration with Zoom Team Chat plugin in the All Applications page. If already installed, you can also try repairing the plugin. You should also see a record for VA Zoom Chat Adapter Provider in the sys_cs_provider table.

What does the system log error message “Sorry, you don't have enough rights to install: no thrown error” mean?

You need the virtual agent admin role to install the integration.

What do these installation errors mean?

The browser URL contains sysparm_proxy_err_code=1

The user must have an admin role in the ServiceNow instance.

The browser URL contains sysparm_proxy_err_code=4, 5, 6

Check the system log for the message: Post mapping to datacenter failed. This is an internal error with the collaboration proxy authentication on our datacenter. Please log a high priority case.

The browser URL contains sysparm_proxy_err_code=7

Go to the message_auth table and see if a record exists for your account id (VA Zoom Chat Adapter Message Auth For_Zoom Now Virtual Agent_XXXXXX). Delete the record, then retry installation.

The browser URL contains sysparm_proxy_err_code= 9

The user installing the Zoom Team Chat integration does not have the admin role with (or not logged into) the Zoom workspace.

Why am I unable to link my account? (for example, I didn’t receive a message to link my account)

Check to see if there’s already a conversation record in sys_cs_client_adapter and sys_cs_conversation. Select and delete the latest record for the user. Then try starting a conversation again with hi.

Why is the Virtual Agent not responding? (for example, after linking my account, nothing happens when I type hi)

  • First option:
    1. Type hi or restart on the chat box.
    2. If a topic or conversation is stuck or not running, test the flow in the web client (for example, Service Portal or Designer topic tester) to determine if the issue is with the Zoom client or the broader Virtual Agent service.
  • Second option: This requires editing of table records in the ServiceNow instance.
    1. As an administrator, navigate to sys_cs_conversation, and delete any conversations where Device Type = Zoom Chat and State = Faulted. User interactions are also captured in the sys_cs_client_adapter table. Ideally, at the completion of a conversation, in the Adapter state field, the conversationId reference should be null.
    2. If the user encounters an issue and their latest adapter record does not show conversationId: null, delete that record.
    3. Run gs.cacheFlush() in the background script to clear the instance cache.
      Note: Other than troubleshooting, making manual changes to records on sys_cs_client_adapter is not recommended.
  • Third option:
    1. Log out of the Now Virtual Agent app manually.
    2. Uninstall and re-install the Virtual Agent app in Zoom if they have permission.
    3. If no other solutions work, log a case.

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