Setting up Canvas sections with LTI Pro

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Canvas allows instructors to create and maintain different sections under an individual course. By default, if a section has an identical name as the course, all students will be in the section and will be identified as the default section.

In order to set up LTI Pro with the section feature, the following integration configuration will need to be performed.

This article covers:

Prequresistes setting up Canvas sections with LTI Pro

How to configure Canvas sections with LTI Pro

Adding section scope to LTI Pro

Before configuring in Canvas, the sections scope will need to be added in your LTI Pro credentials configuration. 

  1. In a new browser tab, navigate to the LTI Pro app.
  2. Click Manage, then click Configure
  3. Next to the desired LTI credentials click Edit.
  4. Click the 3rd Party Credentials tab.
  5. In the left navigation, click LTI Canvas.
  6. Under Enforce Scopes, search for and add the url:GET|/api/v1/courses/:course_id/sections scope.
  7. Ensure Allow LMS Course Sections In Zoom Meetings is enabled.

Adding the scope parameter in Canvas

In order to configure LTI Pro with the Canvas sections feature, the sections scope will need to be enabled for Calendar and Conversations. 

  1. Log in to Canvas. 
  2. ClickAdmin, then clickDeveloper Keys.
  3. Click Developer Key + LTI Key.
  4. Edit your developer key for your LTI Pro integration.
  5. Ensure Enforce Scopes is enabled.
  6. Under Enforce Scopes, search for Sections.
  7. Enable Sections and all associated subscopes under Sections.

Using the Sections integrations

Once the section feature has been enabled, when an instructor logs in, a new section column will be added under the Upcoming meetings, Previous meeting, and Recording tabs. Additionally, a section selector will also be displayed on the meeting details page when the instructor schedules a new meeting. The selector button will list all the sections that the instructor subscribed to, and up to three sections can be selected at one time. Once the meeting has been created and started, any recording created will be assigned utilizing the meeting’s corresponding section id. Only users within the corresponding sections will be able to view the recordings.

When a student logs into the course, only the meetings within the section will be viewable by the student. Similarly, recordings will be filtered by the section and listed in the Cloud Recordings tab.

Requirements and limitations

  • Alternative hosts is currently not supported with this feature.
  • Personal Meeting ID meetings are not supported.
    Note: The section selection dropdown menu will be hidden when PMI is enabled. If a meeting if a PMI meeting is scheduled, it will be added to the whole course.
  • Meetings assigned to multiple courses are not supported.
  • Searching recordings by section is not supported.
  • A maximum of 3 sections can be assigned to a meeting.
  • For Canvas Conversation and Calendars, sections are not supported.
  • Currently, Canvas only supports calendars for a course, group, or users, but not sections. 
  • Calendar Events - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation
  • It is recommended that section names are 30 characters or less. 

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