Troubleshooting missing cloud recordings

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If you recorded your meeting or webinar to the cloud, you can access the cloud recordings files using the Zoom web portal.

Follow these troubleshooting steps if you can't find your Zoom cloud recordings, or your cloud recording share link is not working.

This article covers:

Missing cloud recordings

Cloud recording processing times

Make sure your cloud recording has finished processing. While your cloud recording is processing, you'll see the recording title when viewing your recordings, but it will indicate that it's processing.

You can share your recording while it's processing but viewers will see a message that the recording is processing and won't be able to play the recording.

Auto deletion of cloud recording

Check if you have auto deletion settings that would auto delete your cloud recording. Contact your Zoom admin if auto deletion settings are set up and locked.

Trash folder

If the trash folder was enabled by your admin, you can attempt to recover your cloud recording. Learn more about what happens to cloud recording files when they are deleted and placed in the trash folder.

Trimmed recordings

If you trimmed your cloud recording, all associated files (audio and transcripts) will be trimmed and the trimmed version will overwrite the original recording file. You can restore the original recording at any time after trimming.

Still can't find the cloud recording

If you are still unable to locate the cloud recording:

  • Verify that you were the host of the meeting or webinar, as cloud recordings are only available to the host of the session. If you were not the host, reach out to them and ask them to share the recording with you. 
  • The recording may not have been started by anyone. In the future, you can enable automatic recording to ensure that every meeting or webinar you host is recorded.
  • You may not meet prerequisites to use cloud recording. In order to start a cloud recording, you must be a Licensed user on a paid account. If you were previously able to create cloud recordings, and then were downgraded to a free account, your cloud recordings are set to be deleted after 30 days. To access the recordings, you must resubscribe to a paid account again within the 30 day period prior to deletion.

For additional troubleshooting, submit a request to Zoom Support and include the meeting/webinar ID, date, and time of the meeting or webinar in your request.

Cloud recording share link not working

If you shared your cloud recording, but viewers can't access the share link, there may be share settings that's preventing others from accessing it. Check the following sharing settings for your cloud recording:

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