Getting Started with OnZoom

This quick guide helps OnZoom users register and join free and paid events hosted by others. OnZoom is only available to users in the United States.

This quick guide helps hosts manage events, payment, and analytics for their OnZoom events. OnZoom is only available to customers in the United States with paid Zoom accounts and US billing addresses.

  • How to search for an event

  • How to register for a free or paid event

  • How to sync an event to your calendar

  • How to join an event

  • How to cancel a ticket

  • How to become an OnZoom host

  • How to configure payment options

  • How to implement a cancellation policy

  • How to create an event

  • How to manage an event

  • How to view event statistics

Do more with OnZoom

After getting started with OnZoom, find out more about available settings and additional features on our product support page.

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