Getting started with Zoom Team Chat

Use this guide to learn how to collaborate and communicate with team members through Zoom Team Chat. Learn how to add contacts, send messages, and use our powerful search tool to streamline communication on any type of device. If you haven't already, download and install the desktop client or mobile app before getting started.

Admins are able to set up chat management settings and assign user permissions in Zoom Team Chat. Use this guide to learn how to create chat channels, store messages, and configure account settings for chat so you and your team can keep the conversation going.

  • How to change chat settings

  • How to join a channel

  • How to add contacts

  • How to send a chat message

  • How to organize your chats

  • How to search for messages

  • How to assign a Team Chat admin

  • How to configure account settings

  • How to create a chat channel

  • How to store messages

  • How to view chat history

Do more with Zoom Team Chat

After getting started with Zoom Team Chat, find out more about available settings and additional features on our product support page.

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