Getting Started with Zoom Phone

This quick guide helps Zoom Phone users quickly make a phone call, send SMS, check voicemails, and change their voicemail greetings.

If you don’t have IT personnel and want to quickly get started, use this guide to set up your Zoom Phone system after you have acquired licenses. These steps must be completed by the account owner or admin.

  • How to make a call

  • How to transfer a call

  • How to change a call to a meeting

  • How to send and receive an SMS

  • How to check your voicemail

  • How to change your voicemail greeting

  • How to set up your Zoom Phone system

  • How to get a new phone number

  • How to make a test phone call

  • How to assign phone licenses to users

  • How to transfer an existing phone number

Do more with Zoom Phone

After the initial Zoom Phone setup, visit our product support page for more information about using the Zoom Phone system and instructions for implementing additional features.

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